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Congrats Yankees on your 39th American League Championship - Coming next month: World Series Special Edition

Since 1884, Louisville Slugger has put lumber in the hands of the greatest players of the game. Visit the Louisville Slugger Museum.

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Glory Days
Matt Fulling

"Pride" Of The Yanks
Michael Aubrecht

The Called Shot
Harvey Frommer

Munson Over Fisk
Joseph Schatzle

Who Needs Rest?
Harold Friend

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Marvin Terry

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August Trivia:
What Yankee hit seven more homeruns at Yankee Stadium than Babe Ruth?

Mickey Mantle - who finished up with 266 when his career ended in 1968.


Anniversary Present
Letter from the Editor
Michael Aubrecht Pinstripe Press

I don't usually plug "big name" products here at The Highlander as this eNewsletter is more of a "blue-collar" forum for fellow fans to market their own wares. However, as the 100th Anniversary season of the New York Yankees comes to a close, I'd like to recommend two very special releases that are a must have for any Yankee die-hard. The first is the "100th Anniversary Of New York Yankees" on DVD which includes an in-depth look at great moments in Yankees history and the great heroes who brought them to life. This comes as a 2-CD set with over 5 hours of documentary-style specials and I actually sat through 3 hours of it the first time I put it in. The second is a beautifully designed book titled "One Hundred Years - The Official Retrospective" which is stuffed with over 256 pages of essays, first-person accounts, and memories in the players' own words. The book also offers over 175 photographs, (many from the Yankees archives) and some that have never been publicly released before. Both compliment each other perfectly and really give you a sense of the magic and mystique that is New York Yankees baseball. Both are available on Happy Anniversary!

Website Spotlight is a tribute to "The Rivalry" with a unique emphasis on history, sportsmanship and good taste. This site razzes the Sox in a fresh way. It's an anti-team site that lacks the obscene icons and blowhard trash talk. Fans will enjoy the use of history and stats to back up the totally-Yankee commentary that is presented with a sense of respect for the opposition. There is even a great tribute to "The Yaz".

Editor's Note: We don't usually feature anti-RedSox sites here at The Highlander unless they are tastefully done. This site impressed us with it's original look and sense of mutual respect. This website spotlight was submitted weeks before the ALCS was determined and is by no means a poke at loyal Sox fans.

Player Profile
#44 "Mr.October" Reggie Jackson
Born: May 18, 1946, Wyncote, Pennsylvania

Reggie Jackson earned the nickname "Mr. October" for his World Series heroics with both the A's and Yankees. In 27 Fall Classic games, he amassed 10 home runs - including four in consecutive at-bats -24 RBI and a .357 batting average. As one of the game's premier power hitters, he blasted 563 career round-trippers, sixth on the all-time list. A terrific player in the clutch and an intimidating clean-up hitter, Jackson compiled a lifetime slugging percentage of .490 and earned American League MVP honors in 1973. Source: MLB Hall Of Fame

Did you know... that Reggie Jackson was the first player in major league history to amass 100 or more home runs for three different clubs: the A's, Yankees, and Angels?

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Harvey Frommer

Fast Facts:
Jim Abbott
In the heat of the 1992 pennant race, this one armed pitcher tossed a 4-0 no-hitter against the Cleveland Indians!
"I wish I'd never see them again. I wish they'd disappear from the league. Then we'd be winners."
Red Sox ace
Pedro Martinez on the Yanks
Whitey Ford (236 wins) is one of three Yankees to win more than 175 games while pitching for the Bronx Bombers. Name the other two.

Answer In Next Issue. Have a trivia question? Email it to us and maybe we'll use it.