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Vol.6 June/July 2003

Front Page

The Real Rivalry
Harold Friend
nBo Baseball
Joe Gillespie
Yankee Killer
Michael Aubrecht
The All Star Game:
This Time It's For Real

Harvey Frommer
The Journey Within
Amani Herron
Exclusive Photos
Brian DiSalvo
The Gospel
According To "L"

Jorge Catayi
2003 Midsummer
Classic Recap

Michael Aubrecht
Back Issues

Bombers Bulletin Board
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winning cartoonist and
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Pinstripe Press Update

A timeline of AL and NL baseball from 2002-1901

May's Trivia:
Who was the first NY Yankees pitcher to hit a home run and when did he hit it?

Clark Griffith became the first Yankee (Highlander) pitcher to hit a home run on July 14, 1903.

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Yankees owner Colonel Jacob Ruppert signs promising slugger from Boston. Says he got a deal!

George Ruth was sold to the New York Yankees today from the Boston Red Sox for a reported sum of $125,000. The promising pitcher/infielder completed last season with 54 home runs and a .847 slugging percentage. Looks to be good.

Read All About It!
Letter from the Editor
by Michael Aubrecht Pinstripe Press

Welcome to our first summer double issue of The Highlander. As a special tribute to the great newspaper sports pages of days gone by, this month's version has been reformatted with a classic newsprint layout. We were inspired after purchasing a wonderful book called "Baseball Extra: A Newspaper History of the Glorious Game from Its Beginnings to the Present" - an incredible collection of rare newspaper pages that chart baseball's history from its beginnings in the mid-1800's to the 1999 World Series. Almost every classic moment in the history of the game has been preserved in the headlines, photos, illustrations and box scores from newspapers around the world. Check it out today!

"The internet will never take the place of the newspaper, because you can't swat flies with it." -anonymous

Recommended Reading: The Frommer collection

Reviews and Amazon links to Baseball Books by Harvey Frommer

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Player Profile
#5 Joe DiMaggio
The Yankee Clipper
Born: November 25, 1914, Martinez, California
Died: March 8, 1999, Hollywood, Florida

Joe DiMaggio is remembered as one of the game's most graceful athletes — a "picture player" both at bat and in center field. Many rate his 56-consecutive-game hitting streak in 1941 as the top baseball feat of all time. "The Yankee Clipper" used an unusually wide stance in winning two batting championships and three MVP awards. In 13 seasons he amassed 361 homers, averaged 118 RBI annually and compiled a .325 lifetime batting mark. At Baseball's 1969 Centennial Celebration, he was named the game's greatest living player.

Did you know... that in 1933, eight years before his famed 56-game hitting streak, Joe DiMaggio fashioned a 61-game hitting streak with the San Francisco Seals of the Pacific Coast League? Source: MLB Hall Of Fame

Next Issue: Regular format with more season analysis and commentary

Join the staff of our monthly Internet publication dedicated to baseball's most storied franchise. This is for fun, not work, but only serious parties apply. Write your own column, email it to us and we'll do the rest. Opinionated pieces are very welcome, but please keep it clean. When writing historical or statistical based stories, please include a list of your reference materials. We reserve the right to refuse any that do not meet our standards.

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Baseball Extra
A Newspaper History of the Game from Its Beginnings to the Present

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Fast Facts:
Betcha' didn't know
1941 Yankees
The Yankees established a sizzling .862 winning percentage (25-4) for the month of July.
(A record that still stands.)

Mickey Mantle
His 536 homeruns are the most ever by a switch hitter. The Mick hit 373 left-handed homeruns and 163 from the right side of the plate.

"Army life was rough. Would you believe it, they actually wanted me to pitch three times a week." - Whitey Ford

"To understand him, you had to understand this: He wasn't human." - Joe Dugan on Babe Ruth

June/July's Trivia:
First-baseman Wally Pipp is famous for being the player that Lou Gehrig replaced in the starting lineup to begin his streak of 2,130 consecutive games. What other distinction did Pipp claim?

 Answer In Next Issue.  


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