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Staff photographer (and season ticket holder - Section 11, Box 35, Row B) Brian DiSalvo has now posted his Yankees Game Photos online.

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What Yankee holds the record for the most grand slams in a season?

Answer: Don Mattingly
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Onward Christian Soldier - The Spiritual Journey
of Stonewall
Best known as a baseball writer, Michael Aubrecht recently bridged his love of Civil War history and faith-writing for a study of one of American's greatest military icons.
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Brrrr. It's Cold In Here...
Email: Michael Aubrecht Website: Pinstripe Press

YOU KNOW THE OLD SAYING "When Hell freezes over"? People say that when referring to the impossible. Well my friends, we have witnessed it. Just look at our poor logo. It will take months to thaw out. You'll also notice we are running a little late and a little "thin" this month as many of our contributors are still in shock from the "sudden drop" in temperature.

Now first, I want to do the right thing. So here it goes... ahm.. OK, to my friends in the Red Sox Nation: As disappointed I am in the Yankees, I am equally impressed by your team's tenacity and feel privileged to have witnessed such an amazing spectacle in my lifetime. There isn't a Yankee fan on the planet that can deny the fact that Boston earned this and deserves all of the praise and historical credit that goes with it. I'm probably one of the few NY fans that stuck around to watch the post-game shows. Theo, Francona, Ortiz and Damon were all class acts as well as Torre (who may be looking for another job). As much as the Sox outplayed the Yankees in clutch situations, Boston's skipper out managed Torre time and time again. Congratulations.

Now that I have shown good sportsmanship, let's move on to the state of our own Nation. So what happened? I'll tell you, the better team won. I said all season long that pitching would be the death of us in the postseason and I stand by my word. You want to see a solid rotation and a clutch bullpen? Look at Boston, we used to have that. You want to see that in New York again? Pray that George's arm heals (from his commercial) and he starts writing checks again.

Bronx Cheer by Chetan Dave
Official Book Site

I HAVE TO ADMIT, I've never been a big fiction reader. However, that may change now that I have read "Bronx Cheer" by Chetan Dave. The book is set in the fall of 2003. After years of unsuccessful attempts at obtaining big game tickets, three ordinary fans embarked on a last minute do or die mission to seize the passes to see the main event in person. Battling shrewd ticket brokers, crooked government officials, and so called “friends”, the question remained whether they would be able to get their hands on the tickets before time ran out.

What really impressed me about this book, is Chetan's true-to-life depiction of real and relatable baseball fans. The game is actually secondary to the character's tenacious struggle to make it there and the adventures they experience are totally believable. These hurdles that they face make this one a real page-turner and I found myself literally "Cheering" these poor guys on. Inevitably, I asked myself "What would I do?" and that's what makes Bronx Cheer such a good read. We would all love a chance to be in these character's shoes and Chetan Dave knows that.

"The Yankees pitching staff has reached a stage where I must gamble."
- Miller Huggins in spring training 1927
55 Hideki Matsui
Born: 06/12/1974, Kanazawa, Japan
MLB Debut: 03/31/2003

AS A KID, Matsui was always much bigger than his classmates and he quickly excelled at baseball (or yakyu as it's known in Japan.) Hideki went to high school in Kanazawa, which is where he first picked up the nickname Godzilla. He once hit a ball in a batting practice that cracked the tiles on the roof of his principal's house, nearly 450 feet away. Matsui's Godzilla-like reputation became legendary during the National High School Championship when he was intentionally walked five times. Hideki was drafted by the Yomiuri Giants of the Japanese Central League in 1992. Over the next ten years, he became one of Japan's greatest baseball players and most recognized celebrities. He later led the Giants to four Japanese Series titles, won three league MVP awards and three homerun crowns. Matsui also made nine straight All-Star appearances and played in 1,250 consecutive games. In 2003, he decided to leave Japan and play Major League Baseball in America for the New York Yankees.

Did you know… Matsui's fifth-inning grand slam in home-opener win vs. Minnesota on 4/8 made him the first Yankee in franchise history to hit a grand slam in his first game at Yankee Stadium. He s also the fifth Yankee whose first Major-League home run was a grand slam, joining Frank LaPorte (on 10/7/05), Frank Gilhooley (5/31/16), Gil McDougald (on 5/3/51) and Horace Clark (9/21/65). Source: Yankees Sportszone Biography

Yankees Trivia
Fast Facts

In late December 2001, the New York Yankees and Mets reached tentative agreements with the city to build a pair of $800 million, retractable-roof stadiums. Plans called for razing the House that Ruth Built and building a new home for the Bronx Bombers right next to it. Under past proposals from 2002, if built, the Yankees ballpark would seat 47,000 people, feature a retractable roof, and be ready by the 2007 season. The interior of the Bronx ballpark would include the facade from the existing building, and the dimensions of the field would be identical to those of Yankee Stadium. Soil from the outfield would be moved to the new stadium. In past years, proposals have also been made by organizations about remodeling Yankee Stadium. As part of a $700 million renovation, the stadium's exterior would be restored to its original ornate facade, with historic entrance porticos, perimeter wall at upper deck, open windows and copper frieze. An expanded footprint with new 40' wide circulation concourse, enclosed by a transparent glass and steel outer wall could create panorama of parks, Manhattan and waterfront while maintaining view of stadium from street. The interior would be renovated to seat 50,000 people, and would include 120 luxury suites. A Hall of Fame could also be added in the renovation.

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