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Volume 15 May 2004 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates Commemorative Team Theme
Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of The Family. Click here for our NEW tribute site!

The Verdict
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LAST MONTH, ESPN broadcasted a mock trial, which looked at whether the MLB system that allows the Yankees to outspend their opponents was good for baseball. Court TV's Catherine Crier presided over the live, three-hour special, titled "Break up the Bombers: The Yankees on Trial." Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz served as the prosecutor, while Bruce Cutler (who represented John Gotti in three federal trials) defended the Yankees. The telecast concluded when the 12-person jury declared by a near unanimous 10-2 vote that the Yankees were "not guilty'' of upsetting the competitive balance of baseball. Like any die-hard fan, I taped the show and was initially anxious to see how such an event would be presented. However, after viewing the special, I was not only bored to tears, but also offended in the end. We are all aware of the unjust resentment felt by both owners and fans towards the so-called "Evil Empire", but by marketing the premise, ESPN proved themselves to be the ultimate hypocrites. The "all-in-fun" parody approach to the show eventually gave way to the same old cliché's and was ultimately less entertaining and more infuriating as time went on. One juror (Scott Rosner) clearly understood that New York's revenue sharing combined with the profits generated for the league by the team's international popularity actually helped to strengthen the sport. "The evidence is compelling," he said, "the Yankees are good for baseball." Now there's a guy who "gets" it. Why doesn't anyone else?

NOTE: Due to the overwhelming popularity of our theme designs from last year, we have decided to continue them. When it came time to develop the first theme of this season, we decided to "change jerseys" and celebrate the 25th Anniversary of one of our other favorites, Willie Stargell's '79 Family.

View Press Release: New York City Baseball - The Last Golden Age, 1947–1957
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"A must have for New York baseball fans of any era! " - The Pinstripe Press
Yankees Stat Zone

BASEBALL, MORE THAN any other sport, is all about statistics… thus the birth of the Yankees Stat Zone. With over 3,920 games logged from 1995 - today, the Stat Zone has something for everyone. Our favorite is the "Weird Stats" section that is filled with tons of information not commonly covered or archived by the major sports bureaus. (Want to know how the Yanks rotation has faired against Pedro Martinez from 97'-'04? How about David Cone's terrible 2000 season standings or the team's record when playing on the Fourth of July from '95-'03?) The site also provides all of the standard numbers, perfect for both comparative analysis and fantasy baseball strategy. Updated on Mondays during the 2004 season, Yankees Stat Zone is the place to go for all of your Yankees team and player information.

Snapshots from the best seats in the house: Staff photographer (and season ticket holder - Section 11, Box 35, Row B) Brian DiSalvo has now posted his Yankees Game Photos online. His ever-growing collection features hundreds of shots not seen anywhere else.

"God, I hope I wear this jersey forever."
Derek Jeter on being a New York Yankee
#11 Lefty Gómez
Source: Baseball Hall Of Fame Bio
Born: November 26, 1908, Rodeo, California, Died: February 17, 1989, Greenbrae, California
Played for: New York Yankees (1930-1942), Washington Senators (1943)
Elected to Hall of Fame by Committee on Baseball Veterans: 1972

TALL AND LANKY, Vernon "Lefty" Gómez baffled the opposition with a blazing fastball and sweeping curve, while entertaining teammates with his wit and good humor. He was a 20-game winner four times during the 1930s and comprised half of the Yankees' devastating 1-2 punch, along with right-hander Red Ruffing, helping them to seven pennants. Gómez twice led the league in winning percentage and ERA, and three times in strikeouts. He set a World Series record by winning six games without a loss.

Did you know... Lefty was the winning pitcher for the American League in the first major league All-Star Game and also drove in the first run of that historic game on July 6, 1933.

Yankees Trivia
Have a trivia question? Email it to us and maybe we'll use it.

What Yankee hit the first homerun ever in the Houston Astrodome?
Choices: a: Darryl Strawberry - b: Dave Winfield - c: Mickey Mantle - d: Reggie Jackson
Fast Facts
Source: Baseball-Library Team Biography

JOE TORRE'S 1998 New York Yankees initially had no definitive superstars, but consistent excellence from their entire roster helped them win an American League-record 114 regular-season games. With a solid pitching staff that included six talented starters and a superb bullpen, the Yanks held their opponents to a league-low 656 runs during the regular season. Their 114 regular season wins vaulted the 1998 Yankees into the company of baseball's greatest teams; eleven more victories in the postseason sealed their place among baseball's elite. Whether or not they were the best team of all time, they were certainly the deepest. Armed with six quality starters and a number nine hitter who drove in nearly 100 runs, the Yankees were capable of getting clutch plays at any time from anyone on their roster. They led the league in runs scored and allowed the fewest runs, outscoring their opposition by a 311-run margin - almost two runs a game.

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