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Yankees Trivia

While filming "Pride of the Yankees", Teresa Wright who played Eleanor Gehrig, wore the actual bracelet that Lou gave to his wife on their fourth anniversary. What sentimental items were used to construct the bracelet?

Answer: The bracelet is made up of seventeen metal medallions, which celebrate the seven World Championships and six All-Star game appearances that Lou Gehrig made. It is now displayed at the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

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Volume 13 March 2004

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WITH THE RECENT acquisition of A-Rod and Gary Sheffield, hitting seems to be the only topic on everybody's mind, yet the biggest topic (in my mind) is the lack of intimidation on the mound (due to an aging and depleted rotation). The Yankees dynasty of the 1990's consisted (offensively) of a slightly-above-average but well-balanced team that acted primarily in a supporting role to a brilliant and ferocious pitching staff. No matter what inconsistencies the Yankees experienced at the plate - one could always count on their pitchers to carry them through. That however, is not the case today. The free market (no matter how well Steinbrenner has played it) has left the Yankees' clubhouse and their farm system "thinning" on the mound and now only two members of that elite rotation remain in Mike Mussina and Mariano Rivera. The Red Sox are now favored to win the East with a similar "90's-Yanks" style rotation that features Pedro, Schilling and Wakefield among others. In other words, it doesn't matter how many homers and RBIs the newest Bronx Bombers knock in if the Yankee pitchers can't hold the opposition in check. Pitching wins championships and I think the 2003 Florida Marlins and Josh Beckett both proved that!

On a side note: We at the Pinstripe Press are very proud to announce the release of an additional eNewsletter called GoodNews that focuses on baseball from a Christian perspective. We will be promoting several organizations such as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and its members including Andy Pettitte. Anyone interested in contributing, please email us and we'll save you a space. Here's a peek of our debut issue.

View Press Release: The Great Rivalry - Red Sox vs. Yankees
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AN AUTOGRAPH collector's paradise, nBo Baseball is THE place for : Player Interactions: Where you can see the hand written notes from over 70 major League Baseball Players. (Updated frequently) nBo on the Road: A page that talks about experiences collecting autographs at some of the stadiums across the country. Four Questions With: Exclusive interviews related to the hobby of autograph collecting, including (but not limited to): Former Players, Current Players, Hall of Famers, Baseball Autograph Collectors and "Super Fans". Players Who Sign by Mail: On this page you can see the names of over 900 players who have signed autographs by mail. nBo Baseball also offers two different autograph collecting guides, scans of some of signed Hall of Fame items and of course, the FREE Autograph Giveaways. nBo Baseball is updated regularly - so visit frequently. We guarantee there's something at nBo for every baseball fan out there! Check it out today!

View Press Release: Throwing Heat: The Life and Times of Virgil Trucks
By Virgil Trucks as told by Ronnie Joyner and Bill Bozman - PDF format Adobe Acrobat Viewer
"Like Trucks, Joyner and Bozman have pitched another gem!" - The Pinstripe Press

"Why would anyone want to pitch nine innings when you can get just as famous pitching two?" Yankee Reliever Sparky Lyle

Dave Winfield
Source: Baseball Hall Of Fame Bio
Born: October 3, 1951, St. Paul, Minnesota
Teams: San Diego Padres, New York Yankees, California Angels, Toronto Blue Jays,
Minnesota Twins, Cleveland Indians (Elected to Hall of Fame by BBWAA: 2001)

A TRUE ATHLETE who never spent a day in the minor leagues, Dave Winfield played 22 seasons, earning 12 All-Star Game selections. Though the Yankees reached the post-season just once (1981) during his tenure with the club, Winfield's accomplishments on the field were outstanding. He became the first Yankee to drive in 100 or more runs in five consecutive seasons (1982-1986) since Joe DiMaggio. In seven full seasons with the Bronx Bombers, Winfield averaged over 27 home runs per season, twice topping the 30-home run mark, and narrowly lost the 1984 American League batting title to teammate Don Mattingly (.343 to .340). His stellar play in left field also earned him four straight Gold Gloves (1982-1985). Winfield is also one of only seven players in baseball history to reach both 3,000 hits and 400 home runs.

Did you know... Winfield was drafted out of college by four teams in three pro sports: San Diego Padres (MLB), Atlanta Hawks (NBA), Utah Stars (ABA), and Minnesota Vikings (NFL).

Yankees Trivia
Have a trivia question? Email it to us and maybe we'll use it.

Which former Yankee holds the MLB record for the most career leadoff homeruns? The answer may surprise you.

Fast Facts
Source: Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center

YOGI BERRA still remains as one of the greatest catchers and clutch hitters in the history of the game. He anchored the New York Yankees' dynasty from the late 1940s to early '60s, becoming a 15-time All-Star, winner of 10 world championships (most in baseball history) and three-time Most Valuable Player (no player has won more) along the way. He was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1972 and is a member of Major League Baseball's All-Century Team. As a manager with both New York teams, he became the first man in over 40 years to win pennants in different leagues (Yankees in 1964, Mets in 1973).

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