There is a relatively new group that was started by a two dear internet friends of mine. I believe it was Flowerhearts who first had the idea to travel around cyberspace and meet people in the spirit of peace. No agendas, no labels, no politics, just meeting fellow human beings and spreading our desire for peace. She and Love~Petals got together to make that dream a reality and began the site We Travel for Peace

I encourage you to visit the sight, pick up a banner and head out into the world to meet your fellow travelers on this earth journey. As Mother Teresa advised, "Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person."

I remember watching a television program once where an extremely racist young white man was sent to spend a week with a black teen his age and his family. In no time at all, his entire perspective had radically changed and by week's end the two had become good friends. I often think that if we could have the world over for coffee and just get to know one another, the problems of the world would instantly vanish. How often have you thought, 'those French (Americans, Palestinians, Jews, Catholics...fill in the blanks...) and then had a specific picture in your mind? Well, whether that picture was flattering or not, there is no such thing as a homogeneous 'those'. Everyone is uniquely individual and the only way to really see that is by getting to know them individually. The internet is such an amazing tool for doing just that. Face it. The media, governments - they have their own agendas and you will never truly know anyone by only getting your information from these sources. Go out. Let your keyboard do the walking and meet the neighbors. You'll find they aren't that much different than you are, basically. And where they are different - what a great way to enrich your life and experiences.

The following beautiful graphic was a gift from Love~Petals.
It will take you to the We Travel For Peace site.

We Travel For Peace

Enjoy your travels.....



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