An Act Of Faith In The Infinity Of Godhead

There are many paths, and mine is but One.
I will follow it as best I can.
I will not say that I am right and others wrong,
Only that I will try to do what is right for me.
The Light of the Sun falls on the Whole Earth;
It does not shine exclusively for my benefit.
If I can see it from where I stand,
So others can see it from where they are.
But, if there are others who wish to walk beside me,
I will help them if they ask.
If there are others who do not see a way,
I will offer mine.
If my path is theirs, I will rejoice...
But if it is not, I will not sorrow.
For the Universe is Infinite...
And it is only the handiwork of What is Much Greater.
I cannot define and set boundaries
On What I am not big enough to perceive.

~author unknown~


The Path


We are all on it, whether we realize it or not. Our journey began long before we took our first breath and will continue as long as we are. It isn't so much a going from place to place as it is a deepening and blossoming, and there are as many paths as there are souls to travel them. Along the way we're guided by an inner guidance system that lets us know if we've stayed true to our course or veered off into the brambles, but though the carved-out path would leave us less scratched up, there is no wrong way. In fact, getting off the main road, one can discover unexpected beauty you might have missed otherwise. And maybe, just maybe, that was the reason why something called you in that direction.

As I've said elsewhere, I've traveled many roads spiritually. What resonated in my heart I took with me as I continued along the journey. For many years I followed the Wiccan path as a solitary, and though I have traveled to a place that defies labels, much of what defines a pagan is a large part of who I am today. It is a beautiful thread woven into the tapestry I am constantly becoming. Lately my inner guidance system is calling me back to this path, not as a circling back, but more of a spiraling. The path has grown. I have grown. So we meet again on another level.

It's funny that Goddess should be calling so strongly in my heart at this moment. Wicca is, in essence, the celebration of the divine manifested in the beauty and wonder of nature and the ever-circling wheel of life. I've recently moved from New York to Florida. The changing seasons are barely noticable here, and so perhaps this is a way to keep me connected to the magic around me even when the turning wheel is barely apparent. Perhaps it is the longing for a time before thousands of years of patriarchal rule and a punishing "God the Father" portrayal of the Creator that has resulted in war, judgement, intolerence, inequality and destruction of the environment.

Whatever the reason, she's calling, and I and many I speak to these days are hearing the call and following. No one is ever on the same exact road, unless of course you are very fundamentalist in your spiritual beliefs. Whatever road you are on, remember that everyone is on the same journey. They are being called very specifically by the One that guides us all on the road that suits them the best. Please remember to honor their path, even if it is very different from your own.

As time permits, I will be adding to these pages. It will not be an instruction manual for Wicca or Paganism. One of the beautiful things about this particular spirituality is that it honors the individual connection to the Divine in all its infinite manifestations. There are many traditions and many variances, and I will include links to explore them further if you choose to. These pages will be more of a travelogue on this portion of my path as seen through my eyes and heart. You are welcome to travel with me if you'd like. Or not. In either case, may you find peace, joy and love on your chosen path. May you give peace, joy and love on your chosen path. That is after all, what the journey is all about.



"Mummers Dance" courtesy of Fabrizio Fiorucci




To Be Continued...........



The graphic at the top is my own.