~The Friends I Never Knew~


For The Friends I Never Knew

I never saw you smile, or wiped away your tears,

I never heard you laugh; I never knew your fears.

I never had the chance to know the love you held within your heart,

But I was right there with you the day our world fell apart.

I watched in horror and disbelief as the planes came crashing down,

I prayed that you would survive all the rubble on the ground.

I lit a candle and prayed for those we knew were already gone,

And I tried to make some sense of it, as the search continued on

I didn't want to listen when they said hope was at an end,

I couldn't bear to loose another unknown friend.

Your loved ones are not alone; a nation shares their pain,

And we will not allow your death to be in vain.

Madona Smyser 9-27-01
Lady Madona


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