On the following pages are some favorite stories I've either found on the Web,
been sent as emails, or have come across in my travels. Enjoy!



Salt Making Music The Butterfly
Love Letter to a Cat The Origin The Most Powerful Prayer
The Cracked Jar The Mask Old Mule and the Well
The Color Of Friendship Run In The Rain Everybody Won
Grow Good Corn/ Heaven & Hell Life Is An Echo The Builder
The Wise Woman Meeting God They're Playing Your Song
God's Children The House of 1000 Mirrors Rebellion Against The Stomach
Frogs Geese Smile
The Bridge Missed Blessings What I've Learned
The Clown Chakra The Sandpiper When Your World Is Torn Apart
Sand And Stone Working Toward What You Have Don't Forget To Smile
The Wooden Bowl Coming Soon Coming Soon

Many of these stories are from unknown sources.
If you happen to know the author, please let me know
so I can give the proper credit. ~~Thanks!





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