On the following pages, I've included some of the magnificent lore of this country's Native people. Many are teaching stories and many are the very basis of their spiritual lives. They are not myths anymore than the stories of the Bible, or Gita or any other spiritual stories are. They are the very fabric from which their lives are woven.


Because many of the stories are handed down from generation to generation verbally, you will probably find many different versions of some of them. These make up the many layers of richness and beauty in Native American spirituality. I encourage you to explore them further for the wisdom they will enrich your life with.


I will be adding stories as I find the time, so these pages will continue to evolve and grow. I hope you will return often.




The Prairie Rose ~ Lakota The Cedar Tree ~ Cherokee Origin of the Sacred Pipe ~ Lakota
In The Beginning... Creation Stories Origin of the Indian Pipe Plant ~ Cherokee Iroquois Legend of the Big Dipper
North Star ~ Piute Indian Summer ~ Abenaki Coming Soon



"The natural world is our bible. We donít have chapters and verses; we have trees and fish and animals."
~~John Mohawk


"If you take the Christian Bible and put it out in the wind and the rain, soon the paper on which the words are printed will disintegrate and the words will be gone.† Our bible IS the wind."
~~Statement by an anonymous Native woman.








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