~The Light Within~


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The Time has come to awaken the angel within You,
Time to let Your being of light come out,
Time to join all Your prayers to change the World;
Time to make a World of Peace, Love and Light,
And let go of your old fears, hatred and any other
dark energies you don't need anymore.
Time to let go of the old paradigm,
Time to rebirth,
Time to gather your magic within,
Time to design the World You want,
Time to create Your very own Destiny.


We are all made of the same Light,
We are all One.


~Berenice Wurz~






Thank you for coming to visit my little corner of the universe. I hope you've found something that resonates within your soul here. I hope you come away from this place with the remembrance that you are a beautiful, radiant being of light. As we help each other remember who we all truly are, shadows recede and the world is transformed.

May your journey be filled with magic and miracles.

Love and blessings........



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