~~Eternal Light~~



At the 6 month anniversary of 9/11, the City of New York erected the "Towers Of Light", two enormous beams of light in the shape of the towers, as a temporary tribute to those who lost their lives on that terrible day. It was quite an amazing, and extremely moving sight to see. It symbolized to me the eternal light of those whose physical life ended that day~the light that can never be extinguished by mortal hand. The lights rose into the heavens along with our thoughts and prayers for those we loved and lost. The lights rose to announce to the world that the light will always conquor the darkness.


And so we go on from here. How we do that is up to every one of us. We can be swallowed up in the darkness of hatred for those who commited this horrible act, or we can rise above it and let the light within us guide us to a better, more loving world.


If we are to go on at all, there is only one real choice.





I invite you to take this
hope candle
as a symbol of the Eternal Light
within us all.



This dove of peace will take you
to where I am nearly one year later...



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