There is a land that time forgot, or never knew ~ a place of beauty and wonder. Here, every molecule is radiantly alive; each stone and tree and flower singing its own magical song so that every moment of every day is filled with the exquisite music of life. There was a time when we, too, heard the music and danced to the rhythms of nature. There was a time when we, too, understood the language of the stones and mountains and sea but have since grown deaf through eons and eons of 'civilization'.


Yet there are still those who hear and dance and know the secret knowing. The special beings of light and joy; beings who once lived among us, but who have moved on when the world became too dark and cold. Or was it we who moved away? They've been called many things by many people, and have been misunderstood and maligned by some. They are known to this world as fairies or fae or the 'wee folk', to name a few, but to each other they are simply known, and it is in this special place that they simply live.


It may seem that a land such as this must be very, very far away, if it exists at all, but I assure you, it does indeed exist and much closer than you know. If you're lucky, you've seen traces of it's borders or heard its faint whispers on the breeze. If you're luckier still, you've even been invited in. The children know this land very well and spend many a joyous moment there. So do those who've never fully lost the awe and innocence of youth. Perhaps you're one of those people. Or maybe there is only a vague remembrance somewhere deep within that tugs at your heart each time you see a firefly or hear the rustling of leaves in the trees.


It is to you, that I extend this invitation. To visit a small corner of this magical land. To meet the beings of wonder and joy. To hear , to dance and to know the special knowing once more.

This is Brianna. To begin your journey into her timeless land of enchantment, all you need to do is lightly brush her wing (mouseover), and she'll show you the way, or she'll graciously guide you back to other parts of my little corner of the Universe.

Wherever you choose to go, may your journey be filled with joy.

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