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 Wallace Hill                                Is the Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier right  for you. . .

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     Let’s talk about the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.  We recommend any prospective buyer read Roberta A. Vesley ’s, “The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Coat of Honey-Heart of Gold.”  It will help you decide if the wheaten is the right dog for you and guide you through out their life span.

    On your road to find a Wheaten you will be told by most breeders, “we match out puppies to the new owner”. The puppy’s physical appearance makes it extremely difficult to differentiate one from the other. We tagged all our puppies at birth. It is their personalities that separate them. We will make every attempt to continue in the guidelines set forth by the SCWT Club of America and match our puppies to new owners.

     Wheatens love affection. They are easy to train and thrive in a structured environment. We advise all new owners to pursue Puppy Obedience Classes They also love their toys. Yes, more than one. We have always made sure there are plenty of toys around to avoid, “I wish you hadn’t chewed that up.” We keep our toys in a wicker basket in the same location. Wheatens respond much better to praise as opposed to scolding. They want nothing more than to please and to be rewarded whether it is with a special treat or just a special hug.

     We are firm believers in crate training. Your Wheaten needs his/hers own space. The crate becomes their safe place. Never leave a puppy unattended. They are excellent at getting into all kinds of trouble! When you leave the house, CRATE!  Put them in the crate at night; let them outside first thing in the morning to do their business.  Remember an unattended puppy will squat as soon as you turn your back. 

      Grooming and Trimming.  This you must be dedicated to. We recommend brushing on a daily basis, especially as their coat grows. A skinned wheaten is not a pretty sight! This will happen if matting gets ahead of you. Find a reputable groomer; ask if they do Wheaten cuts. Set up a regular schedule. Nail trimming, we leave to the Vet. Wheatens have black nails which makes clipping rather touchy, it is difficult to see where the vein in the nail ends. If you clip the vein you will have a very bloody mess. Wheatens are noted for their no-shedding and being hypo-allergenic.

      Small Children and Wheatens. Jumping must be discouraged at a very young age. These guys never tire of playing and they don’t realize they have grown and their strength has too. They will inadvertently knock a small child to the ground. Both need supervision when together. What one doesn’t think of the other will!

       Inside, Out side, their favorite past time. We used a fenced in area to help contain our Wheatens. Being descendents from the Terrier family, they are great diggers. Burying chicken wire at the bottom of your fencing area will discourage this practice. We opted for the invisible type fence which has worked very well. However, their favorite playing area will be your prized flower bed. Rhododendron bushes, make the best chewing. Clematis vine rips very nicely.

     Traveling. They love it. Open the car door and ours are in before we are. Toss a few toys in the back, bring snacks and water and you have the best traveling companions.  They never ask, “Are we there yet?”

  Feeding. Table food is a BIG NO,NO!! As tempting as it seems, don’t. Wheatens have a delicate digestive track. It doesn’t take much to upset it. Diarrhea is a good indication they have gotten into or have been fed something that isn’t in their diet.

     Be cautious of grocery store dog foods. These foods contain nothing but fillers. Foods that we have found suitable are Eukanuba, Science Diet, and Nutra Max .  Always check with your Vet before making changes in diet.  Stay away from Pig’s Ears and rawhide treats. The wrong diet can have a very negative affect on their beautiful coat!

       All puppies are AKC registered,  Veterinarian checked, stools checked and first shots given.  Micro- chipping will be done at an add ional cost. Both parents on premises. Tess and Jack are the parents of this litter:  3 males, 3 females. Pricing starts at $1,000.00, please call or e-mail  for further details.