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My Personal Page

  • This is my personal crest. At the top you see the Space Needle, a recognizable landmark in the city of Seattle, where I was born and lived for 15 years.

  • As for the shape of the crest, I chose a basic shape with a simple border to express that I am a pretty average person when it comes to my expectations and my lifestyle.

  • In the center I drew a picture of a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda. I love old cars so I figured i'd draw one on my personal crest.

  • To the left I have a Gibson "Black Beauty" Les Paul...possibly the sweetest electric guitar ever made. I would sell my soul for that guitar.

    Believe it or not, these are pictures of me:

    My name is Tyler. I like to wakeboard, skateboard, snowboard, shuffleboard, chalkboard, dry erase board and any other type of board you can think of. I'm 17 and I've lived in Highland Shores for 2 and a half years. I'm originally from Seattle and I plan to move back there eventually. I have been from coast to coast and border to border of the United States, in Mexico and Canada but I have never left the continent of North America. I play guitar and most of my social life is either playing guitar or bass in various DFW area bands or hanging out with my friends and causing small disruptances in society. Overall I'm a good person...I think.
    A black lady falling on her face.