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My Family

Well this is the "Kramer" Family Crest with my family name beneath it. I couldn't find a Krapf Family Crest so lets just pretend.

This is my dad, Fred (not really)

This is my mom, Diane (again, not really)

Well, there's my fake family. Just for reference, the name "Krapf" is derived from the German word, "krapfwietzen" which is a type of jelly donut...interesting ain't it? My real family crest is pretty basic and consists of the colors red yellow, black and green. It also has a symbol and some type of lion-like creature that I can't figure out.

The Krapf Family is Swiss-Austrian on my father's side and Finnish-Irish on my mother's side. My mother was born in Goldendale, WA and my father in Beaver Dam, WI. They attented Central Washington University and then in 1985 I was born in Seattle. In 1989, after the Berlin Wall came down, my Oma and Opa (German, for Grandmother and Grandfather)moved from East Germany to an apartment in Seattle to be closer to the family. My mother's family lives in the Northwest (Oregon, Idaho, Washington) and my dad's family lives in Seattle...more distant relatives are in Eastern Europe. My immediate family has lived in various suburbs and areas of King County (Seattle-area), in Bellingham, WA and now we are in Highland Shores, TX.

If you want to know anything more, you have to pay for your ticket and wait in line like everyone else.