Recommended Accessories

Of all the muscle groups in your body, those of the forearms are the most complex and the most stubborn. For the inspired, here is a choice of Forearm Accoutrements to keep in your desk drawer.

Assorted Grippers

The best gripper on the market! The picture above shows my own Ivanko which I've modified by laminating cut-to-size mouse pads for a comfortable grip.

Lifeline Sports Grip

For a whole myriad of powerful forearm tools you can easily make yourself at very little cost,

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Here is a nifty, handy little device that I use for putting that final power edge on my exercises. It feels good to grab hold of and tug on and it provides real isokinetic resistance. Don't laugh! This Four Paws Rough and Rugged Ring which can be found in any well-stocked pet store makes a perfect exerciser! It is a 7" ring of natural gum rubber which provides just the right amount of elasticity for maximum isotonic exercise....and it floats!

As a matter of fact (hold the chuckles down, please), a well-stocked toy isle of a pet store contains a myriad of devices that make perfect grippers! Check it out sometime. And let's leave the cute remarks at the door - The Bulldogworker, Chowflex, Labdominizer, etc.

The Mega Ring

Here's another outstanding isokinetic exerciser - an extra rubber reinforced mountain bike inner tube! With this device you could perform a plethora of exercises; hack squats, curls, the archer, stand on it and hold it behind your back with both hands and perform a bent over triceps extensions, back rows, loop it over a doorway and do triceps push-downs and other pull down exercises, hold it behind your back with one hand and grab the other end high up with the other hand and then spread spread your arms apart hitting the triceps from both directions, fold it up a few times and then wring it like a towel.

Hook it around a door knob and do a one arm press or triceps curl, or various pulling exercises.

Fold the Mega Ring over once for stronger resistance or for exercises requiring a shorter expanse.

The possibilities are virtually endless! Just great!

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