3 Months

For most people new to exercise, there are three major hurdles to overcome; Pre-conceived Self-Perception, Adopting a New Lifestyle, and Over-Enthusiasm.

Pre-conceived Self-Perception

You are NOT 'naturally skinny'. You are NOT ’hopelessly overweight’! Chances are you have been one or the other for some time and to believe that you could be anything else is a very difficult thing to do. ‘This probably won't work for me’ is the battle cry of the uninitiated! Well, your muscles don't care what you think. Your muscles will respond to stimuli and will grow and strengthen in spite of what you might think. So, what you have to do is to replace self doubts and a cemented self-image with determination, fortitude, and a vision of an ideal self-image. Transformation is well within your grasp and by beginning right now, you can look back on yourself in a couple of months and go, 'Wow!'

Adopting a New Lifestyle

Beginning an exercise program for the first time can be a real shock to your system - not only physically, but psychologically. Your muscles have experienced something they're not used to and have received a rude awakening. But after just a little while, your body will not only adjust and accustom itself to the great feeling that working out produces, but will crave the sensation. For some reason, things seem to come in threes. By the end of the third week of exercise, the soreness, or growing pains, you have experienced in your muscles will be gone, you will have accustomed yourself to the daily workouts, you will have experienced a burst of energy as your endurance level has suddenly increased, and you will visually begin to see changes in your body. By the end of the third month, you will be transformed. The most dramatic gains in a physical development program are made within the first three to four months! Psychologically, you will have to adjust to integrating exercise into your life, making it as much a part of your life as getting up and going to work each day. You may have to alter some habits to allow for the time and energy needed to build your physique, but such changes can only be for the good, and the benefits to your self-esteem and sense of well-being are unestimatable!


Over-enthusiasm can kill an exercise program faster than anything. ‘I’m going to sequester myself for three months, I’m going to do nothing but workout, and I’m going to do twice as much of everything, everyday!’ It doesn’t work. You will end up wearing yourself out to the point that you, physically, can no longer continue. Physical fitness should become a part of your life, not dominate it. There are numerous aspects of a person’s life that are equally as important as body-building and should receive equal attention. Performing, say, even just 20 minutes of exercise a day over a year’s time, will be of infinitely greater benefit to you than knocking yourself out for a couple of hours or more a day for 2 or 3 weeks and then giving up. Exercise has an accumulative effect. The longer you do it, the more gains you make, and the better built you become!

You can always find the time to do anything that you really want to do! You will find the time, you will make the time, and you will pursue what you really want to do with vigor and determination! Well, isn’t building a healthy, muscular, and powerful physique that you can be proud of something that you really want to do?

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