Darren's Log

Darren is a college student living in New Jersey. Around the 1st of March, 2003 Darren began doing pushups. A month later he added chinups. He came across Zen in the Art of Self Resistance in the early part of April and dabbled with some of the exercises, determined they were effective, and a couple of weeks later decided to follow the entire program. So, as of May 1, 2003 Darren has been doing pushups for 2 months (he recently fasioned some homemade dipping handles based upon information found on this site), chinups for 1 month, and SR exercise for about a week and a half. Darren has graciously agreed to allow his continuing progress to be documented on this site on a monthly basis. On the 1st of each month pictures and current statistics of Darren will be posted on his personal page.

This program is ideally suited for Darren. Being a student, he is limited in funds and space. Zen-in-the-Art is costing him nothing, and there is no need for equipment. Darren is also able to work his routine around a demanding schedule.

As can be seen, Darren has a fine, symmetrical physique - great biceps!, and we look forward to viewing his progress!


May 1, 2003


5' 7"


124.5 lbs.


14 1/4"

Chest (normal)





11 1/2"


10 3/8"


18 1/2"


12 5/8"

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