Isometric - While seated, take hold of the sides of a chair and raise your legs straight out in front of you. Attempt to raise your legs as high as possible while keeping them straight. Hold for 10 seconds.

Advanced - From the same seated position as shown above with your legs fully extended, raise one knee to your chest and then lower that leg back to the extended position for one rep. Raise and lower your other knee for the second repetition. Continue with as many reps as you can handle.

- Contributed by TaijiBoxer


Isometric - While sitting, lean slightly forward and attempt to raise your knees while holding them down with the palms of your hands, crunching your abdominal muscles. Hold for 10 seconds.


Stretch - Sit straight up and attempt to rotate your hips forward until your abdominal muscles tighten. Hold for 10 seconds.


Stretch - While standing, pull your abdomen in as far as possible, using the muscles of your abdomen to do so. Hold for 10 seconds. This will eventually hold your stomach in.


Stretch - This is for your obliques. Stand with your legs in a wide stance, raise your arms above your head and clasp your fingers together. Lean your torso far to the right and contract your obliques for a second. Lean towards your left and do the same. Perform 10 repetitions.

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