The Clinton Legacy

Bill Clinton has left us with a lasting legacy – an enrichment of our lexicon. Future generations of crooked politicians and criminals will be able to draw on Clintonspeak as a means of weaseling and sliming their ways out of uncomfortable predicaments.

The Politics of Personal Destruction -exposing Bill's crimes is nothing more than a cheap political ploy to destroy him, personally.

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy - agents of the right wing spent years grooming Johnny Chung and Monica Lewinsky in an evil plot to entrap Bill Clinton.

Trying to undo what they couldn't do at the polls - Prosecuting Bill Clinton for criminal activities has nothing to do with justice. It is really a petty, underhanded means the Republicans are employing to wreak vengeance for losing an election.

Partisan politics at it's worst - a vote against Bill has nothing to do with following one's conscience, it is merely voting blindly along party lines...the other guy's party, that is.

It depends upon what the meaning of "is" is - this trial is of such monumental importance that we cannot afford to overlook the significance of even the most seemingly trivial nuances, or split the finest hairs in an effort to save my butt.

I was less than truthful - a nice way of making it sound like you weren't really lying your ass off.

I regret causing pain to my family - a very clever way of not quite admitting that Bill was caught red handed screwing around with someone other than his wife.

I don’t recall – Damn! Wouldn’t you just know that my legendary capacity for recall has failed me on this one, particularly crucial issue!

It is his inner child desperately seeking to please his mother - the president of the most powerful nation on earth doesn't have to assume responsibility for his own actions, he suffered a childhood trauma when his mommy and grandma once argued over who was going to tuck him in nighty-night.

History will write that I fought for the Constitution and for America - I can't face the fact that I am really a self-serving SOB and I will continue to spin, confuse, twist the truth, and blame others in a desperate attempt to re-write history and save my legacy.

The American people want me to, are tired of, feel that...., etc. - Every Tom, Dick, and Agnes in the United States supports me and it is only the mean-spirited Republicans in Washington that are unjustly persecuting me.

Listening Tour - enables a candidate to run for an office without having to voice an opinion, state a platform, utter a word, and so avoid running the risk of putting a foot in the mouth, displaying ignorance, or being exposed for an utter idiot.

that woman - reference to one of the many nameless women used for gratifying Bill's base urges.

I feel your pain - I couldn't care less.

It's for the children - the ultimate ploy. When all else fails, invoke the children. Convince all those around you that every scandal and crime was ultimately for the children. Accuse those who dare oppose you of not being concerned for the welfare of our children - the same children who will very shortly have Chinese and North Korean warheads pointed directly at them, built with our nation's latest technology and nuclear secrets, compliments of Comrade William Jefferson Clinton.

Clintonesque – All of the above.

Clintonspeak – All of the above.

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