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    I first started learning about computers the really hard way. I was forced to maintain them on the battlefield in Bosnia-Herzegovina when I did not know the difference between the desktop and a notebook. It turns out that I was good at it.

    When I came home I continued to work on computers for friends and family, took some IT classes in college and got my certification, formalizing my training. Now for 10+ years Iíve been working IT support, including call centers, remote desktop support, on-site support for small business and private computer owners, network set-up and maintenance, custom building computers, and as a private contractor for local and remote organizations.

    I feel that computer support should not cost more then replacing your system. Most other people will charge $100 - $150 just to show up. Everyone needs support even the computer savvy, being denied support because itís unaffordable creates a vicious cycle of un-productivity leading to loss time and money.