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Stele (Stella) AR

PROMO about the reel.

NEW stele AR
Item turn Gear ratio Practical drag power
Bobbin winder capacity
Hoist length
Bearing number
Ball / roller
Standard retail
Price (circle)
1000 5.2 19.6/2 185 1.5-130,2-100,3-65 62 12/1 55,000
2000 5.2 24.5/2.5 220 2-150,2.5-125,3-105 69 14/1 56,000
2500 5.2 19.6/2 230 2-180,2.5-150,3-120 73 14/1 57,000
3000 5.2 49/5 230 2-220,2.5-185,3-150,4-110 73 14/1 58,000

* N (Newton) with, at the unit which displays power, it is the 1kg = 9.8n.

* Not to limit with the smooth engaging, high efficiency the Super SHIP mechanism which actualizes the transmission of force * the super floating shaft of the ball bearing support which produces the extent smooth revolution which is not believed * the magnesium body & the steering wheel which actualize super light weight (in the FW adoption) * the super lightweight aluminum body (adoption) * waterproof drag of all the weather types * stabilizing the thread ヨレ in the AR, the power roller II which it makes decrease * the SBL which banishes rotary blurring (the sima no * balance lock) with if three dimensional revolution balance design * it can think in the bearing the high accuracy ball bearing adoption * on the basis of human engineering, grip cheapness The double handle of the prejudice which pursues bio fitting grip & thread stop belt attaching & rotary it pursues balance (the FW1000S DH - FW2500S DH) with, the 2 types & left and right dual-purpose one-touch handles of the orthodox single handle (side breaking type)