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Your best source for foreign made fishing products.  Please contact us if there is anything that is not on this site that you would be interested in seeing.

Welcome to Brooklyn Bill's Specialty Tackle Shop!

We specialize in hard to get foreign made tackle and equipment.  At this time, our grand opening, we only offer the Scorpion 1000 and 1001 series reels.  We'll be carrying more equipment and tackle in the future, but would like to see what our customers are interested in first.  We plan on carrying all of the favorite Japanese model Shimano fishing reels along with other international items from Daiwa, Megabass and more.

All items are mailed US Postal Service Priority shipping.  The items are mailed to your door from inside the US, not over seas.  This shortens the wait time during shipping of your product.

If you can find a price that beats ours, please contact us with the information and we will do our best to beat that price.

Please e-mail us at the below link and express any interests in other rods, reels or tackle that you would be interested in seeing.  For the time being, we can special order any available reel in quantities of 6 for a customer.  Price discounts will apply.

TO ORDER:  Send an e-mail to
Currently we only accept US Money orders.  Personal checks accepted with prior approval from management.  Contact using the above e-mail address.



Shimano Casting Reels

Scorpion 1000 &
Scorpion 1001

In Stock!!

Scorpion1000.jpg (15505 bytes)

*Includes shipping & Insurance.

Thank you for your business!!!!

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