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Biomaster DH

Hybrid aluminum body of high sensitivity & high rigidity (metal type) adoption.  The new color lines up to the biomath tar of Super SHIP loading.

You adopt the ハイブリッドルミボディ of the metal type which was thought those of the super high-class type. Twist and the タワミ at the time of high load, furthermore the power loss due to the fact that the master gear and the pinion gear come up, it succeeded in holding down trouble to the extremity. With the high sensitivity * high rigidity, minute mechanism of the Super SHIP is shown fully. The high-class impression also the new color which overflows appears. It is the biomath tar of the degree of completion which renovates the image of the reel of middle class.

Biomath tar
Item turn Gear ratio Utility
Drag power
Bobbin winder capacity
(Number -m)
Hoist length
Bearing number
Ball / roller
Standard retail
Price (circle)
1000DH 5.2 2.5 270 1.5-130, 622-100 and 3-65 62 4/1 16,300
2000DH 5.2 2.5 295 2-150,2.5-125,3-100 67 4/1 16,500
2500DH 5.5 2.5 300 2-170,2.5-125,3-120 70 4/1 16,800
3000DH 5.1 5 350 2-220,2.5-185,3-150,4-100 69 4/1 17,000
4000DH 5.1 5 360 3-200,4-150,5-110 75 4/1 17,200
* The DH is double steering wheel specification.
* As for drag power (kg), as for maximum hoist length (cm steering wheel 1 revolution) it is numerical value.

* Positive & the friction veil where with the smooth engaging, high efficiency from transmission of force the SupercShip mechanism which improves more * the hybrid aluminum body which adopts the aluminum of the floating shaft which produce smooth revolution & high rigidity & the high sensitivity which * you lose the projection around the rotor not to limit and three dimensional curved surface rotor which makes line trouble decrease * stabilizing the thread ヨレ, as for the power roller III (1000 which it makes decrease private narrow type, as for 2000 - 4000 narrow type, as for 5000 or more wide type) * hold down the revolution of the rotor at the time of veil opening and veil opening which had moderation, prevent line trouble * to the extremity the アソビ The super stopper II which can give the losing and rigidity * bio fitting grip & the titanium coating stainless steel spool ring & the aluminum die-cast spool which pursue grip cheapness three dimensional revolution balance design with the SBL which banishes rotary blurring * on the basis of human engineering, * the washer adjustment mechanism which can choose line hoist form (the adjustment washer of 2 types attachment) * the double handle of the prejudice which pursues rotary balance (the DH) with, the 2 types & left and right dual-purpose one-touch handles of the orthodox single handle (transverse type)