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This is the section of my webpage devoted to L.J. Smith's novels. I'm so totally into her books, especially her Night World series. I'm the Night World equivalent of a Trekkie. Anyway, since the only people who'll ever come to this page are other LJS devotees, onwards...

LJS Fan Fic
I've written a decent amount of L J Smith inspired fan fiction. Problem is finishing them. That's why I write mostly little silly fics.

LJS Polls
A bunch a polls on silly subjects in the LJS worlds.

LJS Jokes
The scariest thing on this webpage. One day I was bored enough(during school) to actually write Night World jokes.

LJS Miscellanous Funnies
Stuff like 'the pros and cons of being a Daybreaker' and 'Hunter's List of Things to Do'

LJS Characters I'd ...
which LJS character would I marry, which character would I go shopping with, etc.

the old LJS Fan Stuff

The images used in LJS Stuff were gotten from my sister, Jewel. She used Paint Shop Pro to manipulate the covers of the LJ Smith novels.


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