What's a Five Minute Episode You Ask?

Well, it isn't as dull as you think. While surfing online one fine day I stumbled across a website with five minute episodes of Star Trek Voyager. The basic idea is summarizing an hours' plot in five minutes, and they can be extremely funny.

So I tried to apply the same thing to Buffy the Vampire Slayer since there are a lot of things you can poke fun at with it as well.

From the horses' mouth, the purpose of 5 Minute-ness:

"What's needed is a revolution, and the perfect show to begin it is Star Trek: Voyager (and Buffy. ;) ). This site is a site with a mission: to begin the acceleration of TV by shortening Voyager (and Buffy) episodes to one-twelfth of their original length. Everything about the original episode is retained, but the new, streamlined version takes a mere five minutes instead of sixty. You, the reader, stand at the forefront of the speed revolution. Welcome to the future. Welcome to Five-Minute Star Trek: Voyager! (and Buffy. Yeesh, I'm shameless, huh?)

Here's the original site I based my writing off of. The original concept is COMPLETELY Zeke's. I wouldn't dare try to rip off his work. It's too awesome.

Still confused? See his funny (and comprehensive) FAQ here.