----- TABULA RASA -----
Season 6, Episode 8

Spike: So. We kissed. That's like... commitment!
Buffy: *THWAP*
Spike: O-or not. OW!

Shark Demon: You owe me big time, Spike.
Buffy: Oh I get it. Loan Shark. Pfft... HA! Hahahaha!
Shark Demon: Hey! Stop that. You're making me---
Buffy: --- feel like a fish out of water? HA!! First Dracula... now this.
Shark Demon: Meh.

Willow: Mope, mope, mope...
Xander: Mope, mope, mope...
Tara: Mope, mope, mope...
Dawn: Geeze. You'd think Angel was in town.

Tara: You put the whammy on me! How could you do that to me?!
Willow: Saying that I'm just trying to start a season-long arc wouldn't help much, huh?

Giles: I have to go back to England.
Buffy: WAAH! Why?!
GIles: See, it was this whole bit where I sang about wishing I could stay. Then Tara joined in and...

Willow: Okay, so it's not a week without magic... but 12 hours should be good enough... "tabula rasa... slights and sins... forget... mote it be..." Ha! What? It's not like anything will go wrong!

Giles: Who am I?
Anya: Where am I?
Spike: What am I wearing?
Willow: While I can't answer any of your questions and I don't know who I am... I do suddenly feel the need to say "Whoops."

Willow: Hmmm. I like you. Maybe we're--
Xander: --- dating?
W/X 'Shippers: FINALLY!
Willow: Although the girl across the room looks pretty hot too.
W/X 'Shippers: Boo.

Buffy: GAH! Vampires!!
Anya: What are we going to do?
Spike: Hmm. Lookie! Convenient stash of spikes!
Buffy: Stakes.
All: *STARE*
Buffy: Not that I remember what to do with them...
All: Greeeeat.

Buffy: Hmmm. So you just take this and push like--- *STAKE*
Vamp: *POOF*
Buffy: Oooo. Groovy!

Buffy: While I still can't remember much of anything, I think laughing at you hysterically at this point would be appropriate. Hahahahahaha!!
Shark Demon: I can't win. I just can't win.

Willow: Look! Sewer!
Xander: We should be safe from the Vampires down here in this dark, dank, smelly place. 'Cause I'm sure Vamps hate that.
Common Sense: What ya lookin' at me for, readers? I'm on Vacation this season.

Buffy: You're a vampire!
Spike: Am not.
Buffy: Are too. (pulls out a cross)
Spike: *SNARL*
Buffy: How do you explain that then?
Spike: Severe aversion to organized religion?

Giles: We should be lovers!
Anya: We can't do that.
Giles: We should be lovers and that's a fact!
Both: *STARE*
Giles: You don't suppose we recently were involved in some sort of musical, do you?

Vamps: *SNARL*
Xander: Okay, so sewer NOT such a good idea.

Tara: (trips and falls)
Willow: (under Tara) Ooo. Heya sexy.
Xander: Hey! Thought you were my girlfriend!
Willow: Deal.
Xander: Strangely, already am. In fact, that Rupert guy's bride-to-be looks pretty hot...
Dawn: Eeew. She's probably way older than you!
Xander: How d'ya figure that?

Buffy: You think the owner of this obviously inhabited house is going to come out to check on who's fighting on his front lawn?
Spike: Eh. Intuition's tellin' me they never notice in this town.
Buffy: Convenient.
Joss: Quite.

Anya: Stop! In the name of love! Before you break my heart!
Giles: I will love you until my dying day!
Both: *KISS*

Willow: Hmm. What's with this weird black rock in my pocket? Maybe it'll stop the vampires! *TOSS*
Rock: *BREAK* Wah.
Spell: Nooo! Oh, what a world! What a world! Who'd have thought a good little girl like you would destroy my beautiful wickedness! All is lost....
Willow: (shakes head) Owie.
All: (glare angrilly)
Willow: Ooops. Uhm. Hey guys! Would it seem redundant if I said yes, I did perform one last little spell?

Anya & Giles: *KISS, KISS, KISS---- stop.*
Both: Oh gross.

Shark Demon: Well, kids. I know you don't remember much, so I figured you'd like my help---
Buffy: Fat chance. I remember who I am now.
Shark Demon: Well rats. That ruins the fun. Uhm... (starts to leave)
Buffy: Oh, don't go yet!
Shark Demon: Hmmm?
Buffy: Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! It's... so... pathetic... it's.... funny...
Shark Demon: Why couldn't I have been cool like that red singing demon? Damn you all!

Spike: Hey.
Buffy: It sucks. Giles left America. Tara left Willow.
Spike: Kiss me.
Buffy: I've left my mind.
Spike: Less talk. More snog.
Buffy: 'kay.
Both: *KISS*

(The little Grr! Argh! demon wanders across the screen in search of a room for Buffy and Spike.)

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