Season 5, Episode 9

Riley: This is my next to last episode. Can't we have sex now?
Buffy: Mom's going nutso. Hense, can't stay, but I hear there are some thirsty lady-vamps nearby...
Riley: Ooo! Where?!

Joyce: I've got a loverly bunch of human heads.. deedle-ee-dee-dee.. there they are a-sitting in a row...
Willow: Buffy? Something wrong with your mom?
Buffy: Uhm, sugar high? I.... hope?

Tara: You try naming the stars all funny now!
Willow: That one looks like.... Graham passed out on the floor!
Graham: You guys can't resist, can you?
Willow: Meh.

Buffy: Can't we just take her home? There's no harm in it!
Doc: Yeah there is.
Buffy: What?
Doc: Not telling.
Buffy: Well, you're no fun.

Comet: WHEE! Time to smash some planet! Yeeeeees!

Riley: One nasty mouth mucas demon. Checkerooni. Don't mind if I vanish again for a while, do you?
Tara: Lady vamps again, huh?
Riley: Hey! Does the whole world know about that? Even wallpaper girl is giving me flack now!
Tara: Poopy head.

Graham: Hey. I'm back and annoying as ever!
Riley: Graham! Watch out for the---
Graham: Wha-? *THUNK*
Riley: -- helicopter blades.

Pus Demon: Blaurgh! Pardon me while I jump down your throat and explode out of your chest.
Joyce: It's been done. Ever seen 'Alien'?
Pus Demon: Oh. In that case, I'll just vomit down your throat. Cool with that?
Joyce: *GAG* *GAG* Sicko.

Xander: Ooo! I got to solve the mystery of the nameless demon from something I read! Why does this feel strange and wrong?
Giles: Good lord. The world must be coming to an end.
Willow: Nah. Joss must have just temporarilly lost his mind, that's all. I mean, Xander reading books?

Joyce: The fish eat my furnature and marachi men breed low-wattage penmanship. Ever notice that?
Dawn: Maybe I preferred her with mucus-mouth.

Spike: Hi. Didja notice that worm demon over your shoulder there?
Buffy: Ooops. Uhm, hand me a knife or something, 'kay?
Spike: But shouldn't there be a special mucus worm demon weapon we use?
Buffy: Props budget must be low.

Joyce: Born to hand-jive ba-by! Born to hand-jive...
Buffy: Why'd I kill mucus worm again?

(The little Grr-Argh! demon ice skates across the screen)

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