Season 5, Episode 21

Dawn: For those of you taking notes out there, I've been captured, Buffy's gone all catatonic, and the 'Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer' recap is running at one minute, twelve seconds. Thank you and have a nice day.

Spike: Ben is Glory! What's wrong with you people?
Willow: Joss' plot device. Clogs up the mind. He's used so many this season already that it's hard to keep track.
Xander: So Ben is Glory! Duuuude.
Spike: And I thought Tara was the brain-vacumed hippie here...

Dawn: You suck.
Glory: Here we go again! This joke was old in "Tough Love".
Dawn: And the jokes about Graham were old in "Family". Deal with it.
Glory: Hey! We haven't had one of those in a while. Yo, minions! C'mere. I need something to hit and knock unconcious. The squirt got me feeling all nostalgic.

Willow: Buffy's mind. Wow. Look at all the dust around here...
Buffy's Voice: Funny, Will. Now cut it out and come find me. I can only go so long without blinking.

Joyce: We're calling her Dawn.
Willow: Hey! I thought you were dead... and stuff.
Little Buffy: Way to ruin a fantasy sequence, Will.

Xander: Ben is Glory? When did this happen?
Spike: I miss those Graham jokes right about now. We've hit the end of the season and our originality has gone PIFF!

Willow: The first Slayer's popping around Buffy's brain too. Odd.
Primal Slayer: Urgghh Ooog Schmlook ffollee!
Willow: I see you've been working on your vocabulary.

Willow: I just can't keep running around your brain like this!
Buffy: Why?
Willow: I gotta blink at some point too, you know.

Doc: You may call me Doc.
Xander: You may call me Ishmael. I may not answer you, but you may call me Ishmael.

Willow: Buffy? Stop playing around!
Buffy: TAG! You're it!
Willow: Damn. I wasn't ready yet! I called time out!
Buffy: My brain. I make the rules. So nyaaahhh!

Dawn: Look! It's a tap dancing demon!
Ben: Oo! Where?
Dawn: Sucker. *WHAP*
Ben: *THUNK* *morph*
Glory: Ow!

Joss: Tap dancing demon. I like the sound of that! That could really work next season when-- *scribbles down a few notes* What are you doing here? You can't be poking around my mind! You might find out all about next season! *shutter flops down that reads-- I'm with Stupid* (pause) *it flips open* Ooops. Wrong one. *KEEP OUT*.

Ben: Wow--
Glory: -- this --
Ben: -- is --
Glory: -- weird.
Dawn: Hmm. They're so wrapped up in themselves. Er. Themself? Anyway... they're so busy that they won't notice if I just left right now and---
Ben/Glory: STAY!
Dawn: (squeaks) Okay.

Willow: Process your inner doubts, you must!
Buffy: Gee. Thanks, Master Yoda.

Willow: We're free!
Buffy: Wow. Blinking! Blinking is good. OW! And painful...
Willow: Let's go! Charge right into the season finale with our heads held high!
Buffy: Charging good. Could we pick up a bottle of Clear Eyes first, though?

The theme from "Rocky" plays... mixed in with that guy from the Clear Eyes Commercial running up and down the stairs of the Philadelphia Public Library.

(The little Grr! Argh! demon grapevines across the screen.)

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