----- I WAS MADE TO LOVE YOU -----
Season 5, Episode 15

Giles: Wow. A minute and a half recap. Shooting for the record now, aren't we?
Buffy: Pffff. That's nothing. Wait until we get to "The Gift".

Buffy: We could always waste the rest of the time before the credits laughing at Xander in that Puffy Sumo-Wrestler/Punching Bag getup.
Giles: Ooo! Could we?
Puffy Xander: Help me.
~ Credits roll ~
Puffy Xander: There is a God.

Girl Bot: Hi. I'm a mindless automaton that even Britney Spears didn't want to play. I have self-esteem issues. Marry me?
Warren: Hi. I made that robot thing. It's psycho and wants to have sex with me 24/7.
Ben: Hi. I'm Ben. You know me. I like having lines.
Buffy: Good to know we're being subtle with character introductions.

Ben: Yay! Line.
Buffy: Stop doing that!

Buffy: Your bot is walking from house to house looking for you at 4am.
Warren: It's supposed to do that.

Spike: Am I sensing hostility?
Giles: We hate you.
Spike: Yep. That's what it is, alright.

Buffy: Your bot is killing now.
Warren: It's... not supposed to do that.

Ben: Good thing I'm used to this, or waking up in Glory's dress might cause serious issues. Hey.. does this thing look at all flattering on my figure? Come on. Be brutal!

Buffy: Let's date!
Ben: Okay! Why?

Buffy: I need men. Those online folks are just waiting for me to find a new someone. See, we can't have B/blank now, can we?
Dawn: You always have me, Buffy.
Buffy: Hmmm. B/D. Yick. Like, so wrong on very deep levels.
Ben: Gross. Ooo! Line!
Dawn & Buffy: CUT THAT OUT!

Spike: You have to make me a Buffybot.
Warren: Why should I?
Spike: This whole big thing where it sets up the rest of the season... and quite possibly the first part of the next.

Buffy: Let's not date.
Ben: Awww. Okay, then!
Buffy: That was entirely too easy.

Buffy: See? He wanted it to be this big thing, but I was all like, "Yeah. She's a robot. So?" Hahaha! A-and he had this really blank look on his face... kinda like you have on your face right now, mom, and... cripes. You're dead, aren't you?

(The little Grr-Argh! demon leads a funeral procession across the screen)

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