----- BLOOD TIES -----
Season 5, Episode 13

Xander: Hey! It's Buffy's Birthday again!
Willow: As is customary, the world must now decide to come to an end.
Buffy: It's not that bad!
Willow: Let's see... there was that time Angel went all psycho... then that time that Giles was turned into a demon...
Buffy: I do suck, don't I?

Glory: Aaaaah! I broke a nail!
Knight: Hah. Almighty god my---
Glory: Psych! *THUNK*
Knight: *CLUNK*

Buffy: Dawn's a fake, so act cool around her and don't tip her off or I'll rip your internal organs out, mash them and drink them from some kind of hollowed out gourd. Any questions?

Dawn: Hey gang! What's new?
Anya: GAH! It's her!
Willow: Eeep.
Xander: H-H-H-Hi.

Spike: Forgettin' that I'm the badass villain here?
Dawn: Oh please. The only thing bad about your ass is those jeans you're wearing.
Spike: What? They make my theighs look too big? Stupid bloody salesclerk. Slimmin' lines my foot.

Tara: Eh oh.
Buffy: Me being oblivious.. what's up?
Tara: Nothing. Just that your sister went all psycho knife slice on her forearms just now.
Buffy: I didn't hear any ominous slasher type music.
*Cue ominous slasher-type music*
Buffy: DAWN! My god! What did you do to yourself?!

Xander: Think she figured out what she is?
Giles: Duh.
Xander: Wow. That was only slightly out of character for you, big guy.
Giles: It seemed appropriate.

Buffy: Didn't you cut yourself?
Dawn: Yeah.
Buffy: Where's the blood then, missy?
Dawn: I'm majorly upset here and all you can do is pick at holes in the continuity!

Dawn: Why do you have a dress in your locker? Something you're not telling me?
Ben: No, there's -- *MORPH*
Glory: --- nothing ----
Ben: --- wrong.

Glory: I see a whole bunch of people with Graham Syndrome before me.
Xander: *THUNK*
Giles: *THUNK*
Spike: *THUNK*
Glory: Guess you didn't learn from 5ers past.

Tara: Where'd you send her, exactly?
Willow: Quite possibly? Orbit. Or maybe that theater across town showing "Pokemon: The Movie".
Xander: Gasp! The humanity!
Tara: Nah. Glory came from hell. Shouldn't be that different.

(The little Grr-Argh! demon backflips across the screen)

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