----- INTO THE WOODS -----
Season 5, Episode 10

Riley: Last episode. Can we--
Buffy: No.
Riley: Just a--
Buffy: No!
Riley: -- small--
Buffy: Zip it! No sex! I have to mope about mom now.
Riley: Well, how about after that?
Buffy: NO!!

Anya: I'm gonna be loud and openly blatent with the sex talk, okay?
Xander: There are children here.
Dawn: Oooo! Can I copy Anya?
Xander: Why do I bother?

Riley: Yay! Boink time. Ooo. Fiddlesticks. I need a good blood drain right about now... oh yoo-hoo? Lady vamps? Wherefor art thou?
Spike: How about I follow you and open up a traumatic situation for Buffy?
Riley: Cool. Just don't steal the ladies, capeesh?

Spike: See? Your boyfriend's been playing vampire happy meal. Want me now?
Buffy: NO! And... gross!

Vamp: Grr! You will not escape!
Riley: MOVE! *THUNK*
Vamp: Ow! Grr! You will not escape!
Buffy: MOVE! *THUNK*
Vamp: OW! What is this?!
Graham: Better you than me. Speaking of which, I'm scheduled to get knocked out in the next scene. Gotta motor!

Riley: You suck!
Spike: Nah, your lady vamps do that.
Riley: Shut up!
Spike: Nya nya!

Riley: Jerk!
Spike: Wanker!
Riley: Dead guy!
Spike: Teletubbie!
Riley: ... guess I can't top that one.

Riley: *swig* I love you, man! *hic*
Spike: *swig* Love you more! *BELCH*

Graham: Hey, I'm back to collect Riley now.
Buffy: *SMACK*
Graham: *THUNK*
Buffy: Dangit. I must be really depressed. That didn't feel as fulfilling as it usually does.

Xander: Go to him! Climb that mountain! Ford that stream! Follow that rainbow until---
Buffy: Thanks Mother Superior.
Xander: Anything to help a friend... and get more lines.

Xander: Where was I? Oh yeah. "A dream that will need..."
Buffy: Sorry. Gotta run, miss a helicopter, and cry a lot now. But that was very close to inspirational.

Buffy: *running in slow mo*
Helicopter: *going in slower mo*
Graham: *conks his head on the roof and passes out in slowest mo*

(The little Grr-Argh! demon flounces across the screen)

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