----- BECOMING PT. II -----
Season 2, Episode 22

Buffy: But I didn't DO it!
Cops: Riiiiight...
Buffy: Look, ask my friends!
Snyder: They're all unconscious.
Buffy: Hmm. I should probably cooperate with the authorities and thereby not get myself on to the list of America's Most Wanted... but where would the fun be in that? *RUNS OFF*

Xander: See me with this 'ere cast?
Willow: See me all unconcious.
Cordy: See me run like a big wuss.
All: Run wuss, run!
Cordy: Don't help.

Buffy: Who are you?
Whistler: Besides your ex-boyfriend's dialect coach?

Cop: Hold it! You're under ar---
Spike: *KICK, KICK, THWAP* --- a vampire.
Buffy: That was cool, Spike!
Spike: Ooo. Think I'm sexy, do ya?
Buffy: Not for another four seasons.
Spike: Damn.

Xander: -- and broken limbs suck, and hospital food sucks, and getting dirt in your underwear sucks---
All: *STARE*
Xander: Oookay. Went a bit too far with that one.

Buffy: I hate you!
Spike: And I'm all you've got!
Buffy: I don't know why I ever started sleeping with--- Whoa.
Spike: Jumpin' the season gun again.

Xander: I love you, Willow!
Unconcious Willow: Little does he know I just considered how fun it would be to be gay.
Xander: I love---
Oz: Willow! I'm here, baby! I love you!
Willow: Scratch that idea. *snuggles* Well, at least for another season or so.

Angelus: Of course, there's one more method of torture I haven't tried yet.
Celine: "Eeeeevery niiiight in my dreeeeams..."

Buffy: *STAKE* Hi mom.
Joyce: God.. my daughter's a Vampire Slayer!
Spike: And you're just figurin' this out now?! Blood on the clothes? Dust? Holy Water?
Joyce: Well, I figured she'd gotten a job in a butcher shop!
Spike: Holy water?!
Joyce: ... Kosher butcher shop?

Joyce: You walk out of this house, don't come back!!
Buffy: *pause* Mmm. Works.

Angelus: You've been very brave.
Giles: Thank god it's over!
Angelus: Weeeeelll... actually?
Cher: "Do you be-liiiieeeve in love?"

Snyder: Hey! You're back! And expelled now.
Buffy: Meh.

Giles: You'll never get me to tell the secret!
Drusilla: Awww. You're no fun.
Giles: Nothing will work on me! Even if you should scrounge about in my brain until you find the one thing that will completely break me down into a blubbering moron!
Drusilla: Oooo. Oi like that idea.
Giles: Damn me and my characteristic overexplanations.

Dru/Jenny: Mmmm. 'Allo luv.
Giles: Jenny!! I know you're dead and all, but my gosh I've got this episode turning revelation I'm just itching to let out!
Dru/Jenny: Oooo!
Giles: Promise not to tell anyone else?
Dru/Jenny: 'Course not, wot ever gave ya that oidea?
Giles: New accent?
Dru/Jenny: Ooo. Uhm, quite.
Giles: Mmm. Groovy!

Angelus: (watching the torment before him) Mmm. Now I have everything I need to send the world to hell!
Spike: (watching.... Angelus) Mmm. Sexy leather pants.
Angelus: Huh?
Spike: Nothing.
Angelus: Were you coming on to me?!
Spike: (quickly) Who? Me? Never.

Whistler: Angel's blood will close the porthole.
Buffy: So I have to kill him with---
Whistler: Well, someone faking up an Irish accent correctly just might do the trick. Jealousy, you know.
Buffy: And they say my jokes suck.

Angelus: Now, Acathla, you will be free!
Acathla: Ooo. Goody!
Buffy: Sorry. No dice. *SLAP, SLAP*
Angelus: HEEEEY!
Acathla: Indian giver! *pouts*

Xander: Giles! I've come to free you!
Giles: Be careful, Xander!
Xander: What? Is the room booby-trapped?
Giles: Well, not really but---
Celine: You took my job, ugly little---
Cher: Don't call me ugly, implant-chest!
Celine: Ach! That is so it!
*much hair pulling and screaming insues*
Xander: Gak.
Giles: I tried to warn you. It's Diva Wars.

Buffy: Less talk. More fight.
Angelus: Aww. But this is fun! We're all going to hell together!
Buffy: Y-yeah? Well... well... at least my stunt double looks like me!
Jeff Pruit: Wah! *pouts* Shut up.

Willow: Te implor doamne--
Cordy: Willow? Are you okay? Oz! What's wrong with her?! It's like she was just suddenly possessed by the spirits of a long-dead vengence-bent Gypsy tribe!
Oz: Nah.
Willow: --- sa fie vasul ---
Oz: She finally got a clear look at the cue cards.

Angelus: I am going to cause you so much---- Ow!! Oh! My soul!!
Buffy: Could you work on the Motown impression some other time?!
Angel: No! No! My soul!
Buffy: Changing the inflection does you diddly squat. You aren't even that great a singer---
Angel: *glares* Oh fine. Ahem.... Brood, brood, brood, brood, brood....
Buffy: Angel!!! It is you!
Angel: Buffy!!! (to the camera) I'm letting that singing comment slide this once, but just wait. One of these days I will sing... and on that day? I'll show the world!!
Future 'Angel' Series Characters: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Buffy: Now we can be together again forever!
Acathla: Sucking the world now, boss. *YAWN*
Buffy: *sigh* Or we'll be together for the next thirty seconds.

Buffy: *POKE*
Acathla: Mmmm. Angel kebob. Forget the world... this is tasty enough.
Angel: Crud.
Acathla: *SLLLURP*

Giles: Well, the world didn't end afterall. I went by the mansion and... Acathla was licking his lips. He looked quite satiated...
Xander: Wonder what he could have gorged himself on?
Buffy: Brood, brood, brood, brood, brood.....
Willow: I'll give you three guesses.

Buffy Running Away Montage: La la la la....

Giles: And thus ends our second season.
Oz: Yep.
Xander: Cliffhangers are such fun things.
Oz: Yep.
Giles: Oz?
Oz: Yep?
Giles: Don't you say any bloody thing else?!
Oz: Yup.

(The Grr! Argh! demon runs across the screen after Buffy's departing bus...)

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