A non profit organization dedicated to provide educational and career developement opportunities for the disadvantaged.

A general description of the activity including its purpose and function:
All contributions received by the RAHMAT FOUNDATION are fully tax-deductible not only for federal tax purposes but for state tax purposes as well. The foundation, in accordance with its mission and set of by-laws will endeavor to provide educational, career development, and sustenance opportunities for the disadvantaged, handicapped and orphan students under the legal age of eighteen in the US, followed by a subsequent expansion into selected legal institutions overseas. The Foundation will achieve the above goal by establishing an endowment and or trust funds as set up by the Founders and other contributions, and annual fund raising drives.

When it was or will be initiated?
Rahmat Foundation has indeed been registered as a S-type corporation in the state of New York. Some modest degree of fundraising efforts has been mapped out by identifying prospective donors.

How, when, where and by whom it is or will be conducted?
Its Officers and Board of Directors including Mr. And Mrs. Bagher R. and Khojasteh Harand will carry out the daily activities of the RAHMAT FOUNDATION.

Requirements a person or organization must meet in order to participate
in or receive benefit form the activity:

Consistent with a set of eligibility criteria procedural guidelines for evaluation, individuals or institutions will either be selected, or they could solicit funds. Particular emphasis will be placed upon individuals or institutions that serve handicapped, disabled, or orphans.
What the activity have been accomplished or will be accomplished.
It does provide educational, career development, shelter or sustenance funds.
Percentage of time and funds devoted to this activity:
Mr. And Mrs. Harand will give pro bono their full-time dedication to these endeavors. A cadre of volunteers will also be recruited to provide their input gratis. Every conceivable efforts will be made to minimize the overhead and indirect cost such as Office, utilities, staff, transportation, etc., as close to zero as possible. When the Foundation's financial objectives are achieved, certain found not exceeding half of the annual grants will be devoted to overseas institutions in the third world. In such cases, funds will be specifically dispensed for goals as set above. Interim and final report to assess the effectiveness of the outcome will then be required of such overseas agencies.

Tax ID: 31-1752474
Foundation Status Classification: 501 (c)
Date of Registration: July 07, 2000
Tax exempt status as of May 09, 2001
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