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Hello, everyone! Welcome to Puddle Duckís Repose! Iím so glad you could make it here today. Here, let me take your coat. The tour will begin very shortly, so let us make acquaintances. My name is Puddle Duck and I am your hostess, webmistress, and helpful tour guide during your stay at Puddle Duckís Repose. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask me. Here's my email address: I donít bite. Really.

All right, now. Take your seats. The tour has now officially begun. If you would be so kind as to click on the one of the options above, you will be taken to one of the main sections of this site. Unfortunately, you will also be taken to a main page for that section. Please be patient. The good stuff will be along eventually.

Ah, well, that was quite the tour. Iím rather exhausted now. So, I guess Iíll ship you off to somewhere new for the time being. I really hope that you have enjoyed your stay at Puddle Duckís Repose. If you click on one of the options above, you will be taken to a new page where you can find webrings, links, and various other things that will take you away from Puddle Duckís Repose. Remember to bookmark this page and visit us again real soon.

Wow, I really love it when people visit my site. I really do. But, having hundreds of hits is no fun without any feedback. So, before you leave, please sign my guestbook. Itíll really make my day if you do. One other thing: donít be mean. I donít want to hear from anyone that my site sucks. Thanks.

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