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Hi.. I'm Crafti and I'd like to Welcome you to

my World of Paint Shop Pro....


I started "playing" in "PSP"  a few years ago and got addicted...(smile).   I began to send out an email-zine called Crafti's Cozy Corner so I could use a lot of the graphics I created .  I started creating tubes  and animations for PSP and got addicted to that too.. lol    So.. I decided to put them on the web where they would be available to anyone who wanted or needed them...

 On these pages you will find pictures of the tubes, with my logo on them.   Some of the pictures are smaller than the tube and have drop shadows on them.    The tubes can be downloaded by left clicking on the image and will not have a drop shadow.  

You will also find brushes and animations that I have created for Paint Shop Pro.   

I hope you enjoy these pages.   If you use anything here,  all I ask is that you leave the file name intact.   

My PSP Animations 1

My PSP Animations 2

My PSP Tubes 1

My PSP Welcome Page

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