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Meet Big Pete, the maestro behind the madness. A huge fan of MTV's "Jackass" and stunts of all sorts, Pete decided to bring a bit of cutting edge to college life (as if Manhattan already needs more danger...). Pete takes a great pride in his work, but he gives credit 'round the table for the stunts he pulls off. And he does have good help.

Meet Carlos, the conservative co-founder and a great source of motivation (not to mention new ideas). Usually too chicken to participate, Carlos can usually be seen in the background, serving as a watchout, spectator, stunt extra, and general assistant.

Meet Mr. Tim, the man at the computer console and behind the lens. Tim is the quintessential "techie": computer whiz, brianstormer, and video extraordinare. All footage goes through Tim first, so he's usually off-screen; however, he's not prone to taking part in some of the mayhem himself.

Meet Chris, the psycho from down the hall. There is no end to what Chris will do (anything for a good laugh). His antics are as good as they come, and he's not afraid to pull them off. Chris is an excellent biker, and will often incorporate his bike in many stunts (or he'll just show off).

Meet Vinny, the high school crony and human guinea pig. Have an outrageous stunt in mind? Call on Vinny. But he isn't your ordinary garden-variety test dummy; he's good at what he does, and proud of it. Too bad he can only hang out on the weekends. But when he does get involved, he sure knows how to make up for lost time.

tHe LoWdOwN
tHe StUnTs
tHe FoOtAgE