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Treadmill's Revenge: "Jackass" fans rejoice! A new spin on an old classic. Big Pete gets shown up by an inanimate object as he is hurled from a treadmill at six, seven, eight, nine, and ten miles per hour!

Recycle Bin Rally: The stunt that got the ball rolling. Originally performed by Big Pete and Vinny, the object is to straddle a recycle bin until getting "dumped". Riders careen out of control (those recycle bins are tough to steer!) as the "drivers" send them down the hallway as fast as possible. What's waiting at the end? The "dump": a sudden thrust forward, throwing the rider abruptly (and painfully) to the floor - and beyond.

Nighttime Scare: No plan, no plot, no forethought - just pure guts! Daredevil Pete hides in the stairs of a NYC subway station. When given the cue from Carlos and/or Mr. Tim, it's showtime! Passerby are amazed and often frightened as Big Pete comes rampaging from within the station and right back down again; he's also a big fan of simply scaring random people while walking the city blocks. Oh, and one more thing - it's two in the morning!

Skits are under way! Mr. Tim had so many great ideas, we just couldn't keep tem to ourselves. Look for parodies of Viagra, the Mafia, and the US military.

Plans for future stunts are underway! If you have any reasonable ideas and/or would like to become a part of Project Gaidaros, click on the link below and send Big Pete an e-mail.

Got stunts? Send 'em here.

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