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Happy Birthday, Dana!


I hope you are having a great birthday. I wanted to do something special for you, but all I have right now is time and creativity. I created the wallpaper exclusively for you; it's not posted anywhere but here. The icons and story are just extras I thought you might find fun.

Again, I hope your birthday is wonderful, and that you find these little trinkets amusing.

Best wishes,



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Buddy Icons

For use with Instant Message programs like AIM.

LiveJournal Icons

For use in blogs and message boards.


The Most Intimidating Woman in New York: A short story based on the movie Two Weeks' Notice.

A Little Talent: A bit of Southern Gothic I wrote a few years back. I always wondered about those painters in Jackson Square...

New Addition

Hamlet Screen Captures: This is a zip file of some screen captures from your performance as Queen Gertrude. I've done no editing on them, and they're fairly dark, but they still look pretty darned good. (You can download the file by using the "Save As" feature on your mouse.)