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The newest innovation to solving your woes of maneuvering your airplane back into its hangar. What does the The Tow Motor do? It straddles the airplane nose wheel an inch and a half above the ground into the Motor by a hydraulic jack. The Tow Motor then becomes the steering mechanism for the aircraft's nose wheel. Once the nose wheel is secured, the Remote Control is then used to maneuver the airplane any way you wish. The Arm-Man Remote Tow Motor can help you in the following ways:


Teck Services Inc is a new and upcoming company started by an airplane lover who is intent to do whatever it takes to make life for Pilots easy, safe and efficient! Teck Services has new and innovative ideas for your aircraft. We are located at Allaire Airport, New Jersey in Monmouth County. Call us today at 732-690-1769 for further information.

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