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Adopt a pet

Thank you for visiting my page I originally created this site so i can have someone adopt her my baby because my parents have become allergic to her. She is a beagle/pointer mix, she is one year old. She has a lot of energy to keep kids busy for hours. She comes with all her papers, food and water bowl, beds, toys, leash, wether jacket and her training cadge. She is very friendly and likes to run around. I prefer to have someone who has a large backyard for her to run around in and that gives her enough attention in the day. she also shed a little.

If you wish to adopt her or place an add of your own, you can send me a picture or description of your pet as well as your e-mail and phone # so i can place it on the page for free. If they get adopted please e-mail me so i can remove them from the page.