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   Trinkaus Manor


This site is dedicated to everyone who brought the "Trinkaus Manor Restaurant" to life, the four brothers: Tony, Stonie, Bill, & Andy, their wives: Lil, Joan, Jeanette, & Anne, their sister Ann with husband Toby, all the "kids", the hundreds upon hundreds of employees and the countless customers & friends who enjoyed their experiences at this once "Awesome" establishment through the years.

Now enjoy your trip back to "Where Dining is a Treasured Experience".


The Early Years

How We Grew

Winter Wonderland

Some Very Special People

The Families

In Memorium

Holiday Pictures By Ray Claus


Please be advised that this site is just beginning to come together and some of the links may not work yet so please be patient I have a long way to go. If anyone has any pictures that could be used on this site, I would appreciate a copy. Thank You


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