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Created by: Annmarie Giovanniello

Oceanside Middle School


August 2004

Last Updated: 08/15/04


Project Rubric







Completely accurate; all facts were precise and explicit; all required items for your topic were included

Mostly accurate; a few inconsistencies or errors in information.

Somewhat accurate; more than a few inconsistencies or errors in information.

Completely inaccurate; the facts in this project were misleading.


Extremely well organized; logical format that was easy to follow; flowed smoothly from one idea to another and cleverly conveyed; your organization enhanced the effectiveness of your project.

Presented in a thoughtful manner; there were signs of organization, but at times your ideas were unclear.

Somewhat organized; ideas were not presented coherently.

Choppy and confusing;  format was not clear, and difficult to follow.


Was extremely clever and presented with originality; a unique approach that truly enhanced your project.

Was clever at times; thoughtfully and uniquely presented.

Added a few original touches to enhance your project but did not incorporate it throughout.

Little creative energy used during this project; was bland, predictable and lacked "zip".


No errors in punctuation/capitalization. Free of spelling errors; polished/edited product with well organized paragraphs. Clear message/high interest.

Observes standard rules of capitalization/punctuation. Most words spelled accurately. Indicates proofreading.

Few mistakes in capitalization/punctuation. Few misspelled words. Indicates proofreading.

Many errors in capitalization/punctuation. Frequent spelling errors. Lacks evidence of proofreading.


The type of graphics selected reflects creative insight and a careful analysis of the topic.  Graphics were relevant to the topic.

Selected graphics that were important to the general topic.

Included some graphics however they were not important or relevant to the topic.

No graphics were included or all graphics were unimportant and not related to the topic.

A = 20 - 16 points B = 15 - 11 points C = 10 - 6 points D = 5 or less