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Popular New York Baseball Logos Past and Present

   All logo’s were taken from

Created by: Annmarie Giovanniello

                        Oceanside Middle School


© August 2004

Last Updated: 08/15/04


The following is a list of books you may wish to use (these and others are

ALL on reserve for you in the school library):


    New York City Baseball: The Last Golden Age

                           By Harvey Frommer


    ∆ Summer in the City: New York Baseball 1947-1957

                           By Vic Ziegel


    ∆ Where Have All Our Yankees Gone?: Past the Pinstipes

                           By Brian Jensen


    ∆ Total Baseball: The Ultimate Baseball Encyclopedia (Total Baseball)

                           By John Thorn, et. all.


    ∆ The Giants and the Dodgers: Four Cities, Two Teams One Rivalry        

                           By Andrew Goldblatt




 You may conduct your own search using a search engine such as GOOGLE


 Suggested Web Sites:


         New York Yankees

         New York Mets

         The National Baseball Hall of Fame

         New York Giants from

         Definition of the New York Mets


 Keywords/phrases you may want to try while conducting your own Internet

 Research —> New York Baseball, New York Baseball History, New York

 Giants Baseball NOT Football, San Francisco, Brooklyn Dodgers Baseball.










The Knickerbocker Nine 1864










Atlantic Baseball Club of Brooklyn










Brooklyn Atlantics 1868











Brooklyn Dodgers 1950’s











Brooklyn Dodgers 1930’s








New York Giants 1936









New York Giants 1957








New York Yankees 1903











New York Mets—Current










New York Yankees—Current