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Created by: Annmarie Giovanniello

Oceanside Middle School


August 2004

Last Updated: 08/15/04


The evolution of your project will take place as follows:

I will be setting you up into random groups in class and giving you a packet of information on both Microsoft Publisher and PowerPoint. I will be demonstrating both of these programs in class for you. This combined with your previous knowledge of these programs will serve as your starting point.

We will be spending one full week on the creation of this project. Two classes will be spent in the library and three in the computer lab. *Please remember that the library has plenty of computers for you to use as well*. Your library time will consist of both internet and paper research. When you get into the computer lab, you may continue with your computer research, but your primary function in the computer lab is to create your project.

You need to have a computer disk with you at all times.

No, you may not work on this at home or outside of class EXCEPT for the essay. You can write it on your own time, BUT it must be typed during class time. Yes, I will be available for extra help after school.

Your essay must contain a MINIMUM of 500 words. Your actual presentations will vary in length. I will be around checking them. Again, BE CREATIVE!!!!!!!!!!

You must use at least two print sources from the library, the rest can and should be Internet sources.

At the end of class on Friday, each group will hand their disks into me. I will print out all presentation for the class and hand them back to you on Monday when you all will present.