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Created by: Annmarie Giovanniello

                        Oceanside Middle School


© August 2004

Last Updated: 08/15/04


1.   Students will be broken down into equal groups.

2.   Each group will work on creating either an “information packet” or a

      PowerPoint presentation demonstrating what they have learned about

      the History of Baseball in New York.


3.   Each groups’ packet or PowerPoint presentation will contain the



               —> A maximum of 20% of your project should contain some type

                    of artwork, i.e., Clip Art, Photos, etc.  Please check with me

                    as you prepare your final project to make sure you’ve used the 

                    appropriate amount of space for artwork.


               —> A Table of Contents.


               —> A demonstration of what you’ve learned and what fascinated

                    you the most.  This demonstration may be in the form of small

                    excerpts as part of your presentation. There will be an oral

                    explanation/commentary to be accompanied with your

                    presentation as well.  


                —> You may want to look at things such as the different players,

                     the different stadiums, the evolution of different teams, the

                     variety of teams, the ever changing City of New York and

                     baseball’s effect on it.  BE CREATIVE!!!!


                —> A comparison of New York Baseball then and now.  This is to

                     be in essay format.  You can write is as a sports commentator

                     would or as an article for a magazine like Sports Illustrated.


                —> A bibliography in appropriate MLA format



4.   Your research will consist of the use of the Internet as well as books

      that have been reserved for you in our school library.  


5.   Please remember that you are being graded on your use of the 

      WebQuest, your ability to stay on task, your group work and very

      importantly your creativity.  Please see the Grading Rubric for more

      specific information


6.   I will be making copies of your packet’s/PowerPoint's for the entire

      class, so it is important that you hand in your project on time.