Name:  Nicholas

Age:  17

D.O.B.:  02/20/1987

Birthplace:  Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, NJ (I'm not proud of that)

Location:  (Current)  Sparrowbush, NY

               (College)  Niagara University - Niagara University, NY 14109

Employer:  K-Mart Corporation

Job Title/Description:  Restaurant Associate

Time At Job:  1 Year, 1 Month +

College of Choice:  Niagara University (Check out NU today!)

Accepted to:  Niagara University (Where I'm Going), SUNY Oneonta

Hobbies:  Snowmobiling, ATVs, Hanging Out, and Web Design

Favorite TV Show:  South Park & Family Guy

Favorite Color:  Red

Bedtime:  Whenever The Hell I Feel Like It

Bestest Best Friend:  Amanda

Other Best Friends:  Mayde, Joey, Doug, Charlie, Chantal, Heidi, Michele, John, Jill

Things that piss me off:  People who think the speed limit is 25 mph, New Jersey drivers, my job, people who constantly get "under your skin", the Port Jervis School District and its faculty and staff, hearing the same stuff over and over and over and over again, the phrase "In actuality...", my brother, people who suck at their jobs, let's just add the whole state of New Jersey into this mix, New York City, school busses, taxes, college tuition, the SAT's, people with about 60 screenames on AOL Instant Messenger. 

Coke or Pepsi:  Pepsi

Day or Night:  Night

Future Career:  Adolescent Education - Mathematics (High School Level)

Favorite Class:  College Calculus

Least Favorite Class:  OCCC English & OCCC Spanish (The Teachers Suck!)

Longest Trip Ever Taken:  Sparrowbush, NY - Polk City, FL (25 hours nonstop by car)

Shortest Trip Ever Taken by Car:  Sparrowbush, NY - Sparrowbush Post Office (They're across the street)

Languages I Know Or Sort Of Know:  Spanish, French, and Italian

Democratic or Republican:  Republican

Upstate New York or New York City:  Upstate New York (no doubt about it)

Stupidest Thing Ever Heard:  Mrs. Amanda Matthews from New Jersey (lol)



"Drive Hammered - Get Nailed!" ~ Pennsylvania's Big Drunk Driving Campaign

"You know, we work twice as hard to get into Honor Society, only to work three times harder than that once we're there!"  ~ Garey

"How the hell can Emily catch the 'kissing disease' mono...Unless she's giving head again to Harry Potter!"  ~ Victoria

"(District Manager)  Mr. Oogle, what's this (points to a sticker on the paper towel dispenser)....(Tim)  Paper Towels."  ~ Tim

"Where were you tomorrow?" ~ Idiotic kid in gym class

"CAPTAIN OATS!!"  ~ Joey

"ANTS IN THE PANTS!!"  ~ Eric Cartman (From Season 1 Episode "Damien")

"We're lost in New Jersey, by Giants Stadium" ~ Idiotic bus driver on the Spanish Trip

"There were two balls...One ball was big and the other small...The big one was white, and the smaller one was blue..." ~Sra. Smith

"Oh I'm Sorry...I'll wait!  Oh!  Are you finished?  I thought the name of the show was 'Kids say the Darnedest Things', not 'Old Black Comedians Never Shut the Hell Up'!"  ~ Stewie from Family Guy

"Diaphragm" ~ Harry

"Nick da Mac say 'WHAT!?!'" ~ Mags

"DRINK!" ~Richard

"How much is a medium pizza with my discount?" ~Tim

"How much is a five dollar pizza?" ~Idiotic Little Caesar's Customer

"DORK!" ~Amanda

"BOTART!" ~Mike

"What is the sum of the square minus the square of the sum?" ~Mr. Brown.

"You're Fired!" ~Heidi

"Might Yamseys!  Let my pickles go!" ~Christian Cartoon with Vegetables in The Simpsons.

"No kitty, my pot pie!" ~Eric Cartman

"Oh man!  We're going to miss FOX's new reality series:  Fast Animals...Slow Children.." ~Peter Griffin.



#1 - So, you open up the accounting book to the chapter and there are always stupid pictures in the beginning and little pictures throughout the entire chapter.  Well, for one of these chapters, there was this cat standing next to a shampooer, because the accounting chapter used a guy that owned a shampooing company as an example.  You turn the page, and all you see is the shampooer.  Now, you tell me that that cat wasn't sucked up into that shampooer!

#2 - Another accounting chapter had a picture of a guy swatting a dog with a newspaper for wetting the carpet.  I, being the ass that I am, added some dialogue to this and said that they guy was saying "I'm a goin' a smack a you face!" and then you turn the page and he is picking out chemicals.  Now we all know that he is trying to poison the dog, don't tell me you think otherwise.  You really have to see these pictures in the book to really understand this gibberish I'm putting down on paper. 



It was a typical night at the K-Mart Little Caesar's.  Harry was doing absolutely nothing and John was running the front while I was in the back doing dishes.  But little did we know, that our night would be shook a cheater!

A customer walked up and wanted to order a pizza, but he specifically said that he didn't want it put into one of our Little Caesar's boxes.  Well, where were we going to put it?  So, the guy placed his order and walked away.  John made the order like usual and asked Harry if there was any other different kinds of boxes and Harry had swiped some from Village Pizza awhile back.  So, John spent about 40 minutes trying to get the damned Village Pizza box together, because it was basically paper thin.  So, then John puts the guy's pie in the box and then puts that box in a Little Caesar's box, so that when the guy walked out we wouldn't get in trouble with franchise about the whole Village Pizza box.

So, the guy returns and John asks him why he wanted another box.  He said that he had two women.  One up here and one down south.  He said that the one in the South knew about the one in the North.  And to prevent any problems with his cheating, he asked for a different box so that the one in the South, to whom he was in route to, wouldn't know that he was up here visiting the other all that?  Good.

Funny stuff, funny stuff...



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