Ombi el osito

.: Introduction :.

What you are about to see may stir many different emotions.  Sometimes it's humor, and sometimes it's just really funny.  But mostly funny. 

It's Spanish class and "The Bitch" decides that today we are going to do a listening exercise, where she reads us some little kids book from Argentina named "Ombi el osito" and we have to draw an illustration from what we hear in the story for each page.  You will notice that the page numbers are in the upper right hand corner of each illustration...

.: Possible Story (from what I heard) :.

Page 1 - Ombi is a little bear who lives all alone in his little cave in the forest.  Awwww... But, he is really really bored.

Page 2 - So, he decides to play leap frog with his little bunny friend until night falls and then...

Page 3 - He returns to go to sleep, wishing that he had someone to live with (I think...)

Page 4 - Then, an ant climbs a tree and points out to the whole forest that some beautiful bear was coming this way.

Page 5 - The bear was riding a unicycle and wanted everyone to hide her from the circus (I think...)

Page 6 - So, Ombi goes up to her and asks if she wants to come "live" with him, and she says that she is from the circus (Any relevancy?  I dunno..)

Page 7 - Ombi and Lina (the girl bear) get cozy in the cave and Lina starts talking about the circus and how she was a star and blah blah blah.

Page 8 - Then Lina decides to put on a show for the whole forest and Ombi stares at her in amazement.



.: The Illustrations (by Nicholas Mac Farland) :.

  Click the thumbnail for a HUGE picture...I'm sure that you will love it!!  ;)

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Name: Niagara Nicholas
Date: 11/08/2004
Time: 02:09 PM


Hey all! Make sure you tell me what a crappy job I did on the illustrations...Looking forward to your many different comments..(lol)

Name: Niagara Nicholas
Date: 11/09/2004
Time: 08:58 PM


Is anybody viewing this page?

Name: unknown female vicitim
Date: 11/13/2004
Time: 01:30 PM


umm, the pictures didn't show up on my computer. and i was sad. . .

Name: Niagara Nicholas
Date: 11/13/2004
Time: 10:42 PM


Who is the unknown female vicitim? Is that Chantal? SOMEBODY DROP ME A CLUE!!!

Name: Chantal
Date: 11/20/2004
Time: 03:32 PM


YEP! I am the unknown female vicitim! How'd ya guess?

Name: Niagara Nicholas
Date: 11/27/2004
Time: 10:13 PM


Don't you aggravate me little lady! DECA, TN frowns on your kind...SMART SYRACUSE KID...We OCCC people will overcome and eat your very souls...just kidding! Isn't Spanish class fun? We get to draw crappy pictures. DAMN THAT SRA. SMITH....!!!!! lol... She's not a SMART SYRACUSE KID like you Chantilly... Well, 'til next time..."STOP SHOWING ME UP CHANTAL!!! :)"

Name: Niagara Nicholas
Date: 10/08/2005
Time: 01:52 PM


WOW! I totally forgot about this picture! Lol... It's still funny...