November 4th, 2003


Narration:  Well, the day was supposed to be to hang out and such with Mayde, Joey, and Doug playing tennis, go places, and eat at Burger King, just a typical day, but with a car for the first time.  Well, we took my 1993 Chevrolet Cavalier and when I went to go and pick up Mayde in Montague my damned battery light came on on the dash.  So, I ignored it and we got through most of the day until we went to Walmart and then we were stranded.  My alternator died.  We had to be jumped about 3 times (Mayde tried attracting guys, right) and we couldn't let the RPMs in the car slip down, so I couldn't stop once I got going.  We flew through red lights until I got the Kmart entrance and then the car died in the middle of the intersection.  Now at the time, the weather started to be that wintry mix crap I hate, and we were freezing.  My dad came to help us get off the road about 45 minutes later and Joey was late to his appointment with one of his doctors...I ended up paying about $100 for a new battery and alternator repair.  This was the best day of my life...because it sucked!  Didn't you pick up the sarcasm yet?  Here's what Mayde wrote in her LiveJournal:


"Yesterday was one of the craziest days I've had in awhile. Me, Nick, Joey and Doug all hung out, played tennis, went to Burger King for lunch, flipped out at Doug's news of his new girlfriend, decided to go to Walmart. We walked around, tried to leave, found that Nick's car was dead. I came up with the ingenious idea that a hot girl + an open hood = instant help. My idea worked. This guy jumped our car, it stalled, died again before we could even get out of the space. I saw a guy I knew, he jumped it again. It worked, but we were told that no matter what, we couldn't let the RPMs go down. We drove like maniacs out of Walmart, almost crashed, got flipped off. The car stalled again on the highway in front of Kmart not even two minutes later. A girl coming out of Kmart pointed and laughed at us, then pulled out with her car making funny noises. This extremely brilliant guy that drove by told us to push our car out of the way in a less-than-nice tone of voice. We did with the help of another nice man. But we didn't bother to jump it again, just waited in the rain until rides came to pick us up. During that time, we had more people drive by laughing and more people stop to help. Nothing could help us now. So Nick leaves with his dad, Joey's mom brings me and Doug to Doug's house. We chill there, talk on the computer, play Vice City, I admired his camera. At 6 we went bowling. I got to meet Doug's new girlfriend who seems pretty cool. Me, her, Doug, Joey, Charlie, Ali, Christina, and Dan (not my Dan) all hung out, some of us bowled, I got a 43. We wanted to go out to eat so we headed for Homer's, all of us squeezed into Charlie's car with Joey sprawled out on top of us. We got there, it was crowded, we left. Back into the clown car, this time with Ali in the trunk. (Hahaha... Ali in the trunk.) Went to Burger King again for dinner. Some prick kept stealing my chicken tenders. Back into the clown car, once again squished by Joey. Thanks to the Charlie-mobile I got home at like 8:45. The End."


Now for the pictures, courtesy of Mayde Smith's LiveJournal:



Me Driving My Kick Ass Car - THAT FUCKING BROKE DOWN!! - Notice the Dollar Tree nametag on the rearview mirror...This was right before I applied to Kmart, where I am now.


Mayde being totally awesome...She was faking, there was no tennis ball coming for her...



Would you use the restrooms in Church St. Park?



More stupidity...



Doug annoyed at Mayde and her camera...



Pushing the damned car off the road by Kmart..